Corporate Responsibility | Greater Cleveland Partnership

Corporate Responsibility

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) and its small business partner, COSE (the Council of Smaller Enterprises), are committed to promoting sustainability, both among our member businesses and in our own internal operations.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we are part of the Green Plus sustainability certification program, provided by the Institute for Sustainable Development.

Greening GCP/COSE Mission

GCP is committed to minimizing our collective impact on the environment and reducing our overall expenses through focused efforts to become more sustainable and energy efficient.

Through the GCP Green Team, we are building a culture of responsibility that encourages every employee to ask questions that lead to more sustainable processes and practices and help our organization support a sustainable future through energy and waste reduction, recycling, and social responsibility.

Sustainability Report

Our GCP/COSE Sustainability Annual Report provides information on our successes related to our focus areas listed below. It establishes metrics to track our achievements in the areas of Performance, Planet and People.
  • Organizational Performance

  • Community Engagement

  • Employee Health & Wellness

  • Employee Orientation & Engagement

  • Environmental Stewardship
Volunteer days, flu shots and wellness seminars, RTA (public transportation) discounts and annual waste audits are just a few accomplishments of GCP that aided in achievement of our sustainability goals. We hope to set a strong example for our member companies and encourage our members to share their sustainability success stories.

Our staff effort of Greening GCP/COSE is just the beginning.