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Investing in our local community yields strong dividends - Commission on Economic Inclusion

We applaud Cuyahoga County Council and the Administration for crafting and approving legislation that will help local minority, small and women-owned businesses have a better opportunity to compete for county work.

County Executive Armond Budish is among a wide and diverse group in Greater Cleveland who understand that when we invest in our local community by encouraging such opportunities for employment, it yields dividends that include a stronger local economy and increased local tax generation.

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What future increases in The Fed's interest rate mean for you - Greater Cleveland Partnership

On December 16, the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate for the first time in almost a decade.

But what does that mean for Northeast Ohio businesses? And in which direction might the rate move in the future?

Those were two of the questions answered February 24 during the Greater Cleveland Partnership's 1Q 2016 Middle-Market C-Suite Forum.

It does appear that The Fed will be raising rates on a more consistent basis going forward, Edwin A. Martinez, managing director within the derivatives products group at PNC, said during the session titled “Monetary Policy and the Middle Market: Lowering Your Exposure to Higher Interest Rates.”

He explained there is a 10 percent probability that The Fed will take some action by March and a 45 percent probability that action will be taken by year’s end. Read more.

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Why GCP has a Political Action Committee and the power of your involvement - GCP Advocacy

Primary election season is in full swing, Iowa and New Hampshire have cast their ballots, and Ohioans will have their say on March 15. And, don’t forget, Tuesday, February 16 is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio's primary election.

Individually, you may choose to support candidates through your contributions and your vote. While the right to vote and your perspective on the issues are crucial, many still believe their voice is not heard throughout the process.

Click to learn about the role the Greater Cleveland Partnership Political Action Committee (GCP PAC) plays in amplifying the voice of business.

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Port of Cleveland: Connecting Northeast Ohio to the world - Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority

The Port of Cleveland is putting together a record-setting year of shipping traffic and is doing so through a redoubled commitment to connecting Northeast Ohio companies to the global market.

Its latest infrastructure investment, a $7.9 million project that will add two harbor cranes and a 50,000 square-foot cargo warehouse, is expected to be completed in time for the 2016 shipping season and will allow the Port to keep up with skyrocketing shipping demands.

“These cranes will prove critical to maintaining our strategic advantages in speed and efficiency as compared to large coastal ports,” said Dave Gutheil, the Port’s vice president of maritime and logistics.

The project comes in the wake of the highly successful introduction of the Cleveland-Europe Express (CEE) international liner service, the only scheduled service that transports Great Lakes cargo directly to Europe.

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Recommendations offered to accelerate Cleveland school plan progress - Greater Cleveland Partnership

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s recently released progress report offers recommendations on how to accelerate efforts to increase the number of high-performing district and charter schools in the City of Cleveland.

The report notes that its recommendations are “not intended to prescribe specific strategies and action steps; that is the purview of educators engaged in this work.

“Instead, they provide general direction based on the findings in this report, the original goals and approaches outlined in the Cleveland Plan, and relevant studies published during the past year.”

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Cleveland school plan progress promising but should be accelerated - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools, launched three years ago by civic leaders, is beginning to have a positive impact on education in the city’s district and charter schools, according to a new report by the Cleveland Transformation Alliance.

Signs of progress highlighted in the report include a drop in the number of students attending failing schools and full enrollment at many higher‐performing schools.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s (CMSD) graduation rate is climbing, and for the first time in nearly 10 years, elementary and middle-school students are making progress at the same pace as their peers around the state.

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Thanks to the Cavs for a great season -- and a special boost to downtown - GCP President and CEO Joe Roman

Silver. It often represents second place. Or runner-up. Or almost.

In the case of Cleveland's recent trip to the NBA Finals, there is only a winning perspective for all of us to have.

Yes, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers for the NBA Championship. Congratulations to them.

But days after the final buzzer of the series, I've seen no collective hand-wringing, no lingering community-wide hangover of defeat. Quite the contrary.

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See the full scope of Northeast Ohio entrepreneurial ecosystem - Ray Leach, CEO of JumpStart

Northeast Ohio has come a long way. In 2002 our region was ranked dead last for entrepreneurship in the U.S. Today, we are making national news for our exciting successes and prominent venture capitalists are comparing the promise of Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to Silicon Valley.

Together, we have developed a truly exciting entrepreneurial ecosystem. In fact, it’s hard to tell you about all the amazing resources that exist in Northeast Ohio. So we thought we’d show you instead.

Startup Scaleup 2015 is JumpStart’s annual community event, but it’s much more than that. It’s also a chance for us to highlight the work with our nearest and dearest collaborators to create a place where all can come and see just how much Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has grown – all in one day, and all in one place.

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Our two-year road map to grow Greater Cleveland’s economy - GCP Advocacy Team

Last month, we released our 2015/2016 Public Policy Agenda, a road map of our organization’s federal, state and local public policy objectives for the next two years.

It’s published every two years and timed to coincide with the start of new U.S. Congress and Ohio General Assembly terms.

The Public Policy Agenda, which can be viewed here, is developed over the course of several months through a collaborative process involving the GCP Government Affairs Council and GCP member companies.

There’s much work to do over the next two years. Here are some of our areas of of focus:

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Incubators boosting Cleveland's leadership in health innovation - The Regional Marketing Alliance

Health ITNortheast Ohio has been a leader in medical advancement for decades and behind that innovation are the world-class healthcare institutions, academic centers, high-tech companies and a growing number of business incubators in the region.

In the Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor alone, a three-mile area connecting University Circle, Midtown and the Campus District, several incubators are supporting entrepreneurs looking to develop their biomedical, healthcare and technology ideas.

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