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Make the most of summer to rev up your business for fall - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Make the most of summer to rev up your business for fallThe warm months don't have the reputation of the "hazy, lazy days of summer" just because kids are out of school. The reality for most businesses is that the time between June and September really is slower as clients and staff take time off for vacations and work seems to take longer.

Why not embrace this reality and see it as a positive time to recharge and re-energize so when fall comes around, your middle-market business is ready to take off stronger than ever. 

Here are some ways middle-market managers can use the summer slow down to rev up for fall.

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Mid-market firms and multi-generational workforces: Creating workplace harmony - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Multigenerational Workforce Middle Market FirmsFor middle-market managers, creating a cohesive team is a challenge as different personalities, different genders and different life experiences come together. One of the biggest issues may be generational, as different generations are now sharing the workplace. 

Three generations—Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials—bring different styles of leadership, communication, motivation and work ethics to the office. Meshing these differences is the key to creating a harmonious group so that business can get done seamlessly. 

What should a manager do to be proactive in addressing and minimizing these differences?

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Growing your middle-market brand with social media - Greater Cleveland Partnership

In the social media realm, B2C companies have seen much success. But what if you’re a B2B company? Is it worth your time to create your social identity? social media

With 1.3 billion Facebook users, 645 million Twitter users, 300 million LinkedIn users, and 300 million Google+ users, there’s absolutely room for middle-market firms to find their social voice. Here are five steps you can use to gain social influence: 

1. Define your buyer persona

In general, this is a smart business practice for any middle-market firm. Defining your buyer persona helps you to make smarter decisions when it comes to your marketing and sales strategies.

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Opportunity Corridor: An update on the 'road to progress' - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Opportunity Corridor has the potential to be a road to progress—helping provide economic resurgence, Ocommunity reinvestment, better mobility, ecological restoration and more to several neighborhoods on Cleveland’s East Side.


We’ll also see positive spillover from the development, which is expected to energize the surrounding neighborhoods.


What is Opportunity Corridor?


Opportunity Corridor will connect East 55th Street, where Interstate 490 ends, with East 105th Street, providing faster and more direct access to University Circle.

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The RNC and CLE: telling Cleveland's story - Greater Cleveland Partnership

How did Cleveland land the Republican National Convention?  It’s a question that a lot of people are asking C– including people in Dallas, Cleveland’s final competition for the bid.

Last week, the Press Club of Cleveland hosted a panel discussion on how Cleveland was able to secure the bid for the 2016 RNC and what steps the city needs to take over the next two years to ensure the convention is a great success.

The panel featured an all-star list of newsmakers who were at the heart of the decision, including GCP President and CEO Joe Roman.

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A big boost for Ohio's aerospace and aviation industry - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Two pieces of legislation that have recently been passed will do much to bolster Ohio’s booming aerospaceNASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field and aviation sector, as well as to create and retain jobs across the state.

It should come as no surprise that the aerospace and aviation industry is big business in Ohio, known as the birthplace of aviation. 

What you may not know is just how big it is: 17 percent of the country’s aerospace and aviation jobs are located in Ohio. Many Ohioans are aware of NASA Glenn in Cleveland and Wright Patterson in Dayton but the state’s strength in these industries goes far beyond our federal installations.

Ohio is home to many aerospace and aviation businesses, providing high-paying and highly-skilled jobs that contribute significantly to the state’s economy.

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RNC 2016: Let's re-introduce Cleveland to America and the world - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Winning the 2016 GOP convention is about more than the huge economic benefit it would bring to Cleveland. It’s also about re-introducing our city to America and the world.

Of course, the economic benefit would be huge with 40,000 visitors coming for almost a week.

When Tampa, Florida, hosted the GOP in 2012, there was an estimated economic boom of $427 million.

Sure, $427 million would be a well-deserved windfall for our city. But it’s also time for people to see the new Cleveland and that benefit is invaluable.

Cleveland has undergone a major transformation because of smart investments, pride and lots of hard work. We want everyone to know about it.

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How to nurture customer relationships - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Four simple strategies for mid-market firms

For any middle-market company, it’s important to stay at the forefront of customers’ thinking. As you know, it’s easy for customers to get caught up in the situation of the day, causing you to head to the back burner.

So, how can your company stay at the top of your customers’ priority list? Below are four suggestions:

Keep in touch

Set up regular meeting times with your client—perhaps monthly or even weekly. This helps instill regularity and provide an avenue for questions, comments, and concerns from your client.



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Proposed EPA carbon regulations could undermine Ohio's manufacturing resurgence - Nick Gattozzi

The Greater Cleveland Partnership is concerned that the proposed Clean Power Plan, released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on June 2, could harm Ohio’s manufacturing resurgence. 

Ohio is a state that “makes things,” where manufacturing accounts for 12 percent of our jobs and 17 percent of the state’s GDP. 


This is why the EPA’s proposal to introduce new regulations around carbon emissions by coal power plant generators is on the GCP’s radar. 

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Why middle-market firms should hire older workers - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Senior work forceDid you know that nearly 40 percent of unemployed workers are over the age of 45? 

Yet, with those workers comes valuable experience and loyalty. Consider this: 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, “The length of time a worker remains with the same employer increases with the age at which the worker began the job.”

Additionally, the average tenure for employees aged 55-64 is 9.9 years, while the average tenure for those ages 45-54 is 7.6 years. 

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