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A big boost for Ohio's aerospace and aviation industry - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Two pieces of legislation that have recently been passed will do much to bolster Ohio’s booming aerospaceNASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field and aviation sector, as well as to create and retain jobs across the state.

It should come as no surprise that the aerospace and aviation industry is big business in Ohio, known as the birthplace of aviation. 

What you may not know is just how big it is: 17 percent of the country’s aerospace and aviation jobs are located in Ohio. Many Ohioans are aware of NASA Glenn in Cleveland and Wright Patterson in Dayton but the state’s strength in these industries goes far beyond our federal installations.

Ohio is home to many aerospace and aviation businesses, providing high-paying and highly-skilled jobs that contribute significantly to the state’s economy.

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RNC 2016: Let's re-introduce Cleveland to America and the world - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Winning the 2016 GOP convention is about more than the huge economic benefit it would bring to Cleveland. It’s also about re-introducing our city to America and the world.

Of course, the economic benefit would be huge with 40,000 visitors coming for almost a week.

When Tampa, Florida, hosted the GOP in 2012, there was an estimated economic boom of $427 million.

Sure, $427 million would be a well-deserved windfall for our city. But it’s also time for people to see the new Cleveland and that benefit is invaluable.

Cleveland has undergone a major transformation because of smart investments, pride and lots of hard work. We want everyone to know about it.

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How to nurture customer relationships - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Four simple strategies for mid-market firms

For any middle-market company, it’s important to stay at the forefront of customers’ thinking. As you know, it’s easy for customers to get caught up in the situation of the day, causing you to head to the back burner.

So, how can your company stay at the top of your customers’ priority list? Below are four suggestions:

Keep in touch

Set up regular meeting times with your client—perhaps monthly or even weekly. This helps instill regularity and provide an avenue for questions, comments, and concerns from your client.



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Proposed EPA carbon regulations could undermine Ohio's manufacturing resurgence - Nick Gattozzi

The Greater Cleveland Partnership is concerned that the proposed Clean Power Plan, released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on June 2, could harm Ohio’s manufacturing resurgence. 

Ohio is a state that “makes things,” where manufacturing accounts for 12 percent of our jobs and 17 percent of the state’s GDP. 


This is why the EPA’s proposal to introduce new regulations around carbon emissions by coal power plant generators is on the GCP’s radar. 

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Why middle-market firms should hire older workers - Greater Cleveland Partnership

Senior work forceDid you know that nearly 40 percent of unemployed workers are over the age of 45? 

Yet, with those workers comes valuable experience and loyalty. Consider this: 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, “The length of time a worker remains with the same employer increases with the age at which the worker began the job.”

Additionally, the average tenure for employees aged 55-64 is 9.9 years, while the average tenure for those ages 45-54 is 7.6 years. 

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Cleveland education reform: safeguards for city schools - Marty McGann

Education ReformBeginning in late 2011, the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) worked with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Cleveland Metropolitan School District Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon, the Cleveland Teachers Union, education experts, charter schools and philanthropic organizations to craft Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools

The goal of the plan is to ensure that every child in Cleveland attends a high-quality school and that every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.  Changes to Ohio law were necessary to fully implement the plan.

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Tips to attract and retain top talent to your middle-market company - Greater Cleveland Partnership

The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Middle-Market Initiative provides resources and information to help Northeast Ohio's middle-market companies boost their bottom line and increase their competitiveness. 

Our blog will dive into topics that middle-market executives have identified as crucial to their success. Near the top of the list is how to keep top talent.


Chuck Leddy, writing for The National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM), a strategic partner of GCP’s Middle-Market Initiative, offers seven recommendations to help mid-market businesses keep their top performers. It starts with having a formal employee retention strategy.


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Asian carp and the Great Lakes invasion - Greater Cleveland Partnership Advocacy Team

Asian CarpFishing on Lake Erie and the tourism dollars it generates are of great importance to the economy of Northeast Ohio.

For this reason, and for a host of environmental concerns, the predicted invasion of the Asian Carp should be a concern for all the residents of this area.


The Asian Carp was introduced in the southern states as a way to clear ponds of unwanted algae and insects. They seemed to be an ideal choice for this job and indeed, adapted very well to their new environment.

In fact, they adapted too well. Through flooding and other means, these fish soon found their way into the streams and rivers surrounding these ponds and from there into the Mississippi River.

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NEO education reform: insights on Common Core - Shana Marbury

Future of quality education in Cleveland rooted in Ohio’s New Learning Standards


Ohio’s New Learning Standards are a set of clear expectations for what Ohio students need to know inCommon Core English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. 

These standards establish clear expectations for what students should know and be able to do when completing each grade K-12.  They are essential to preparing our children for success in college, careers and life. 


Ohio’s State Board of Education adopted Ohio’s New Learning Standards, including the Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematics, in June 2010. Ohio has been investing time and resources in preparing students and educators for implementation of these new learning expectations.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has been an early pilot program for Ohio’s New Learning Standards and expects to fully implement them for the 2014-2015 school year.

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