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Amended Cleveland-only minimum wage proposal is still a bad deal - GCP Advocacy

A national organization—interested in advancing its agenda, regardless of the cost that the City of Cleveland and Cleveland residents would incur—announced that it has finalized language for a Cleveland-only minimum wage ballot measure.

As the public learns more about the Service Employees International Union’s misguided approach and why its minimum wage proposal is a bad deal for Clevelanders, the union amended its original proposal that was sent to Cleveland City Council and rejected by an overwhelming vote.

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Thanks to the Cavs for a great season -- and a special boost to downtown - GCP President and CEO Joe Roman

Silver. It often represents second place. Or runner-up. Or almost.

In the case of Cleveland's recent trip to the NBA Finals, there is only a winning perspective for all of us to have.

Yes, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers for the NBA Championship. Congratulations to them.

But days after the final buzzer of the series, I've seen no collective hand-wringing, no lingering community-wide hangover of defeat. Quite the contrary.

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