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Economic Inclusion/Minority Business Development

Through the Commission on Economic Inclusion, the Greater Cleveland Partnership works to create “Jobs and Opportunities, Wealth and Titles” for minority individuals and businesses in the Cleveland Plus region.

Our efforts are aimed at growing minority-owned businesses (MBEs) in the region, increasing access to jobs that pay well and including more minorities in the senior management and board leadership of companies and organizations. Success means that minorities will more fully participate in the benefits of and contribute to, economic development in the region.

MBE success stories include (above photo) Leticia Ortiz, who owns Minority Business Development Agency Business Center Cleveland client company Tortilleria La Bamba, an Ohio City tortilla factory, with her husband, José Andrade, and sister, Enedina Ortiz. (Photo from Cleveland Business Connects magazine.)

Minority Business Development

The Commission on Economic Inclusion provides services to minority-owned businesses through the Minority Business Development Agency Business Center-Cleveland.

The MBDA's Cleveland office is funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce with additional support from GCP and our small business partner, COSE, the Council of Smaller Enterprises. 

Inclusion at GCP

GCP strives to be a civic model for the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that advance productivity, innovation, and economic growth. Our commitment to this goal is evident in our leadership polices, employment practices, purchasing priorities, business partners and community investments. Click here to read more about diversity and inclusion at GCP.