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Ideas for Tomorrow

12.15.16 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Bank of America Conference Center, InterContinental Hotel, 9801 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106

Angela Duckworth, founder and scientific director, Character Lab Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Greater Cleveland Partnership members are invited to Cleveland Clinic's "Ideas for Tomorrow" program featuring Angela Duckworh, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a 2013 MacArthur Fellow. She also is the founder and scientific director of the Character Lab, a nonprofit whose mission is to advance the science and practice of character development.

Angela studies grit and self-control, two attributes that are distinct from IQ and yet powerfully predict success and well-being. Previously, she founded a summer school for low-income children that was profiled as a Harvard Kennedy School case study and, in 2012, celebrated its 20th anniversary.

She has also been a McKinsey management consultant and a math and science teacher. Angela completed her undergraduate degree in advanced studies neurobiology at Harvard, an M.Sc. in neuroscience from Oxford University, and a Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Angela’s first book, "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance," debuted in May 2016 as an immediate New York Times bestseller.

"Ideas for Tomorrow" is an ongoing speaker series that provides a forum for the world’s most distinguished thinkers, speakers and personalities to engage in a dialogue with members of our community.


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