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4Q Middle-Market Forum - Trends: Ideas on Manufacturing, Gen Y and Your Leadership Dynamic

12.06.16 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Greater Cleveland Partnership, 1240 Huron Road East, Cleveland, OH 44115

Leading your middle-market company requires you to be on top of topics and ideas that will impact the future of your business, your team and your ability to lead.

We’ll cover three different topics with timely, brief perspectives from three thought leaders that can provide insight and provoke your thinking about the intersection of these ideas within your company.

Our speakers and topics

Ethan Karp, CEO, MAGNET: “The Maker Thing: Manufacturing Trends are Retooling and Reinventing Our Region”

Northeast Ohio has been known for making things and a lot has been made of the retooling of people and technology in our region to advance our infrastructure for the next generation of how things are made.

From 3D printing of toys and human bones to the re-skilling of our workforce for these new opportunities, Ethan Karp and MAGNET are working with scores of our region’s manufacturers to retool and reinvent the region.

His perspective will help you consider how your supply chain may change and begin to adapt to trends in this industry sector.

David Haskin, National Leader, Advance Workplace Solutions Team, Steelcase: “The Environment Thing: How do our Spaces Reflect the New People and Practices in our Companies?”

While we’ve talked a lot about how Generation Y is different, what are the implications of the demographic tide of Gen Y and its preferences for the way we construct and manage our workplaces?

David Haskin has worked with Steelcase’s largest accounts to help them adapt to accommodate the changing nature of work and workers.

From fast track, growing companies in Silicon Valley to many of the country’s biggest brands, what are the eight key shifts and key design principles that middle-market companies need to address to win and keep this tidal wave of talent?

Ralph Dise, CEO, Dise & Company: “The Leadership Thing: Don’t lose the ‘You’ in Your Leadership Dynamic”

You’re a leader and decision maker in a middle-market company. Your energy drives your company—good or bad. What can you do to bring vitality and success to work every day? 

The good news is that it’s not just you who is feeling the load of shorter cycle times, greater government oversight, increasing demands from customers, employees, industry colleagues and your family.  

Ralph and his team consult with middle-market CEOs and corporate C-suite leaders on a daily basis. Find out what he’s learned from some of his most successful business leaders.

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