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Physical Development and Infrastructure

Cleveland’s lakefront is the future. GCP recognizes the enormous potential of this location and the need to encourage its continued development. Mayor Jackson outlined his vision and the first-stage footprint for development. He also set in motion what is expected to be substantial private investment in the lakefront in the coming months.

The City of Cleveland owns a considerable portion of the development-worthy real property along the lakefront. GCP is engaging local and county officials, both to raise general awareness and to support passage of needed legislation and ordinances. GCP also is working with state and federal officials to identify opportunities to accelerate this initiative.

In addition, GCP is advancing state and federal transportation policies that enable the timely completion of key infrastructure projects, including:


Transportation/Turnpike Bill

Governor John Kasich signed the state transportation budget bill in April 2013. Its key provisions permit the state to bond against future Ohio Turnpike toll revenue to accelerate funding for major new infrastructure projects. During the signing ceremony, Governor Kasich mentioned Opportunity Corridor as a project that he expects could advance as a result of this new law.

GCP worked with leaders in the Ohio General Assembly to strengthen the legislative language around how funds could be spent. As enacted, the law ensures 90 percent of funds will be spent in northern Ohio.

In addition, the law limits eligibility with a detailed definition of what constitutes a “nexus” to the Turnpike. GCP was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Governor Kasich’s plan and appreciates Senators Tom Patton, Gayle Manning, and Capri Cafaro for their leadership on key provisions of the bill.