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Greater Cleveland Civic Connection

An enduring partnership reborn

The economic strength of a region is reliant upon even stronger partnerships. Private enterprise requires dependable public infrastructure and transportation systems to thrive and grow. Public stewards must understand the needs and challenges of the business sector to make decisions that effectively and efficiently support economic growth and job creation.

This symbiotic relationship requires open, honest communication and a culture of trust to produce the positive impact both sectors strive to create.

Greater Cleveland Civic Connection serves as a forum for public- and private-sector leadership to engage and collaborate on projects and issues of critical importance to the economic climate of Northeast Ohio.

Its roots trace back to the early 1980s, when Cleveland Mayor George Voinovich authorized the formation of a public-private partnership with the goal of maximizing investment in the region’s critical utility and transportation networks.

After more than 30 years of challenges and success stories, this partnership continues with a refined strategy and renewed commitment. Leveraging the strength of Northeast Ohio’s business community and the leadership of its public sector, Greater Cleveland Civic Connection will continue to provide the forum for collaboration to help drive economic growth for years to come.

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