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Commission on Economic Inclusion

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, is focused on creating positive, measurable outcomes leading to:
  • Increases in board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity among the more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers who are members of the Commission;

  • Increases in the total revenue, value, size, and number of employees for minority-owned businesses in our region and throughout the State of Ohio. Read more about the Commission’s member benefits and minority business resources.

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Click here for the list of the more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers that belong to the Commission on Economic Inclusion. To learn more about Commission membership, please email us  or call 216.592.2213.

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Message from the Co-chairs: Turning knowledge into action

It seems like only recently we were entering 2016—setting goals and making resolutions.

It’s hard to believe that we are already into March, the time when many of those grand plans start to fall by the wayside. Without a true plan for behavioral change, many people toss away those resolutions and return to their old habits.

If we know these efforts are good for us, why do so many of us quickly break our resolutions? Simply because knowledge alone does not change behavior.

The same is true for a diversity and inclusion initiative. Unless a D&I initiative is rooted in an organizational change plan, training alone will not produce the desired results of a more inclusive culture.

Commit to your plan

To be sure, education should be a piece of every diversity and inclusion strategy; however, it is not sufficient. The challenge is turning knowledge about how to enhance organizational performance—in this case greater inclusivity in the workplace—into actions consistent with that knowledge.

To create long-term change with diversity initiatives, we must develop a long-range strategic plan and commit to following it. Otherwise, like a well-intentioned New Year’s resolution, we may become lost, distracted and run out of steam by March. Then we are in danger of a false start and developing some patterns and habits that can make the problem worse.

A culture-center approach to inclusion

On Thursday, April 14, the Commission is hosting its quarterly forum for diversity professionals and HR practitioners with consultant Tameka Taylor, Ph.D., of Compass Consulting. She will share her insights and expertise on adopting a culture-centric approach to diversity and inclusion.

We are proud to have Dr. Taylor as our presenter, as we continue to offer Commission and Greater Cleveland Partnership members relevant and high-caliber programs. See below for more details

We hope you will join us.

Commission Co-chairs

Eddie Taylor          Daniel Walsh
President              CEO
Taylor Oswald       Citymark Capital

2015 Employers Survey on Diversity: Acquire valuable bench-marking data for your organization

There’s still time to participate in the Commission on Economic Inclusion’s 2015 Employers Survey on Diversity™.

By contributing your company’s data to the aggregate report on diversity metrics in the region, you will receive a valuable confidential scorecard to benchmark your company or organization diversity and inclusion progress against your peers and be considered for Commission 50 and Best-in-Class recognition.

Whether you are an existing member who has not yet completed this year’s survey, or if your company would like to participate for the first time, please contact Scott Harrington at 216.592.2213 or for more information.

MBDA Business Center Cleveland news: Client company connected
with MAGNET consulting resources

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center Cleveland recently connected client LEFCO Worthington with valuable consulting services through the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth and Network (MAGNET).

MAGNET helped LEFCO President Larry Fulton (photo right) to assess the operation and quickly institute high-impact changes that have already led to results.

“We’re oftentimes looked at as the connector,” said Raland Hatchett, executive director of the MBDA Business Center Cleveland. “We provide strategic consulting services that lead small businesses to access.”

The MBDA also awarded LEFCO Worthington a $15,000 grant to help offset MAGNET’S consulting services. 

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from Crain’s Cleveland Business.

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