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Commission on Economic Inclusion

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, is focused on creating positive, measurable outcomes leading to:
  • Increases in board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity among the more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers who are members of the Commission;

  • Increases in the total revenue, value, size, and number of employees for minority-owned businesses in our region and throughout the State of Ohio. Read more about the Commission’s member benefits and minority business resources.

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Click here for the list of the more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers that belong to the Commission on Economic Inclusion. To learn more about Commission membership, please email us  or call 216.592.2213.

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Message from the Co-chairs: Revamping our survey to better serve
our members

Last week, the Commission on Economic Inclusion held its seventh annual inclusion conference with the theme, "Aligning Inclusion with Business and Talent Outcomes." The event was attended by more than 200 human resource, diversity and purchasing professionals and provided a day full of best-practice sharing.

Conference speakers—nationally recognized for their subject matter expertise—touched on the importance of a top-down and bottom-up strategy to improve diversity and inclusion outcomes.

In particular, Janet Reid, Ph.D., shared the concept of using Self-Determination Theory to move businesses from looking at diversity and inclusion as a “should do” (extrinsically motivated) to a “want to do” (intrinsically motivated).

We know that Commission members are at the forefront of making this shift. They understand that increased diversity at all levels of their organizations benefits their business and economically benefits our region. Here at the Commission we are upping our game to help you continue to make this shift.

Every year the Commission surveys its member organizations to take a snapshot of Northeast Ohio’s diversity and inclusion landscape using the Employers Survey on Diversity™. We are always pleased to hear from you that the survey data is used to set your business’ diversity and inclusion goals and to benchmark with other organizations.

The survey is a great starting point, but we have also heard from members that it can, in some cases, feel like a “should do.” For the Commission’s work to truly gain traction the survey needs to be a useable and useful too—something that you “want to do.”

This year will be the 15th time the Commission is surveying its members and, with the guidance of our Member Engagement Committee, we will be revamping the survey to better serve you, our members.

We need your feedback!

So, this month, we’re asking for your support. If you’d like to see different survey data collected, please contact Gina Cheverine at 216.592.2261 or to share your thoughts.

If you would like to see us collect or report on survey data differently we would like to know that as well.

Likewise, if you find the survey useful, please tell your colleagues and encourage other business leaders to join the Commission. We welcome your thoughts on how to make membership most valuable to you and to further your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Commission Co-chairs

Eddie Taylor               Daniel Walsh
President                   CEO
Taylor Oswald            Citymark Capital

Commission welcomes new staff member;
Gina Cheverine named vice president

Gina Cheverine, who joined the organization has had a career in both nonprofit and for-profit environments designing programs, fund raising, and advocating for inclusion. As part of her most recent role as vice president of business development with the YWCA, she designed the infrastructure for leadership development, and diversity and inclusion programs. 

Prior to the YWCA, she was an organization development consultant to nonprofits, leading strategic planning initiatives, designing leadership development programs and facilitating executive director transitions.

Cheverine holds a master’s of science degree in organizational development from Case Western Reserve University and a master’s degree in social work from Temple University. She has been a colleague of Commission programming and joins the organization already very knowledgeable about the mission and objectives. 

MBDA Business Center Cleveland receives national honor;
award recognizes exceptional performance

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center–Cleveland received the 2015 Century Club Award during the MBDA 2015 National Training Conference awards luncheon held in New Orleans

This annual award is presented to MBDA Business Centers with an annual performance exceeding 100 percent of required goals set by U.S. Department of Commerce/MBDA.

Since 2011, the MBDA Business Center-Cleveland has delivered results that include $87M in contracts and procurement, $20M in financial transactions, 508 jobs created, and 270 clients served throughout Ohio.

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