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GCP Government Affairs Council to examine proposed
regional levies

The Greater Cleveland Partnership's Government Affairs Council recently discussed the various regional levies in place in Northeast Ohio, including the sequence for levy expirations.

In the coming months, the Council will examine regional levies expected this fall and provide recommendations to the GCP Board.

Click here for an overview of levies that have recently gone before voters and information about upcoming levies that voters will be asked to consider.

GCP Board Chair profiled in print and online

A profile of Greater Cleveland Partnership Board Chair Beth Mooney, chairman and CEO of KeyCorp, was in yesterday’s edition of The Plain Dealer and was posted online on Friday, July 4. Overall, the article is positive with the exception of an inaccurate headline about GCP’s position on immigration reform.

The story does note that the GCP Board passed a resolution in support of federal immigration reform, which is vital for our workforce needs as well as for the economic vitality of the region.

In doing so, the Board directed the organization to ”engage with public officials, civic leadership, business leaders, members of our organization and others to secure federal reforms” and outlined specific goals for such reforms.

GCP continues to educate and advocate for immigration reform and it remains a priority for the organization.

Click here to read the profile.

Click here to read the GCP Board resolution on federal immigration reform approved in June 2013.

Help us meet the needs of Northeast Ohio's
middle-market companies

The Greater Cleveland Partnership's Middle-Market Initiative provides resources and information to help create and sustain long-term success for Northeast Ohio's middle-market companies. To accomplish this objective, we need to know more about our region’s middle-market companies, their outlook and challenges.

Participation in the 2014 Ohio Middle-Market Survey, developed by our Middle-Market Initiative strategic partner, the National Center for the Middle Market at The Ohio State University, will help us learn more about our region's middle-market businesses so we can provide them with the level of support, attention and advocacy they need.

If you have already filled out the survey, thank you. If not, please consider that the survey—the first-ever to gather data specifically on Ohio companies with annual revenues between $10M and $100M—will take only about 10 minutes. Responses will only be reported in the aggregate and participants will not be identified unless they choose to be contacted for additional information.

For questions and comments, please contact Rob Recker, GCP’s senior vice president of marketing, communications and membership, at 216.592.2384 or

Click here to take the survey.

How middle-market companies can use social influence to grow their brand

Social influence is a newer strategy for growth in middle-market companies, says Lori Richards, a National Center for the Middle Market contributor and a thought leader on B2B front-line sales growth.

Many business-to-consumer brands have become extremely successful with social influence and now B2B companies are beginning to learn how to utilize social media to positively influence their brands.

Richards provides several strategies to consider as you begin to grow your company brand with the help of your social assets.

Utilize your champions. Typically, your top customers are willing to discuss exactly how they have benefited from all that you're doing for them, especially if you can make it easy for them to offer their thoughts.

Seek influencers or thought leaders. Social influencers in your industry can broaden the discussion about what you do and create exposure into new markets by talking about your products and services.

Become a hub. Create content and make your blog a place that others within your industry have to visit. Find people willing to be part of your site through guest interviews or posts.

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Tourism contributes to thriving CLE+ economy

The July 2014 issue of the “Pass the Plus” e-newsletter looks at the robust contribution that tourism is making to the thriving economy of the Cleveland Plus region and how the development of new hotels is to responding tourism and industry demand.

“Pass the Plus” is a monthly publication of the Cleveland Plus regional marketing campaign. The Greater Cleveland Partnership is a founder and partner of the Regional Marketing Alliance that oversees the Cleveland Plus marketing campaign.

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