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GCP supports income tax increase that will benefit those who live, work in Cleveland

Opposes two initiatives that would threaten jobs in Cleveland

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) Board of Directors has voted to support efforts to improve services for those living and working in Cleveland and to create a safer and more attractive city for frequent visitors through a ballot initiative that will raise the income tax by 0.50 percent.

The tax would help to grow and develop Cleveland neighborhoods by giving the city the ability to increase services on multiple levels. The city has not had an income tax increase in almost 30 years.

“We took more than three months to survey our members—and that includes from small, one- or two-person businesses, middle-market companies, as well as global corporations—to find out what they thought, “said GCP President and CEO Joe Roman.

“The consensus from this very diverse group of employers was that new revenues are needed to help keep the city’s economic momentum moving forward. These additional tax dollars can be neighborhood builders.”

The business community also remains focused on efforts that responsibly raise skills and wages. Therefore, the GCP has endorsed a four-year renewal of the 15-mill operating levy that supports the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) – with 1 mill set aside for partnering with high-quality charter schools.

Alternatively, the GCP is opposing two separate issues – a Cleveland-only minimum wage increase and a Cleveland-only part-time workers’ initiative - that will hinder job creation, business growth and the overall momentum the City of Cleveland is now experiencing. Read more.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Greater Cleveland Civic Connection continues tradition
of collaboration

Public-private partnerships have been essential in driving Northeast Ohio’s economic resurgence over the past several decades, and the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) has been an integral facilitator in bringing together the necessary partners for the betterment of the region.

This tradition of collaboration enters a new era in 2016 with the establishment of Greater Cleveland Civic Connection.

A program of the GCP, Civic Connection leverages the strength of our region’s business community and the leadership of our public sector to support economic growth through targeted investment in utility and transportation infrastructure. Read more.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

City Council rejects Cleveland-only minimum wage hike;
voters may still decide

Last week, Cleveland City Council voted overwhelmingly—by a vote of 16 to 1—in opposition to the most aggressive minimum wage increase in the country.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine even released an opinion more than a month ago stating that municipalities cannot legally set their own minimum wage.

However, Cleveland’s charter still could provide the initiative’s supporters the opportunity to place the issue—or an amended version—on a future ballot to be decided by the voters. Read more.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Twenty-five year effort under way to protect our Great Lake

Learn about the $3 billion investment the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) is making in Project Clean Lake, a 25-year effort to reduce the amount of raw sewage flowing into Lake Erie.

NEORSD Executive Director Julius Ciaccia also talks about water quality’s importance to economic and lakefront development in Cleveland. Click to watch.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Responding to public transportation funding cuts

Greater Cleveland RTA CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese talks about current and future budget challenges RTA is facing.

As an immediate action, the RTA Board approved a two-step 25 cents fare hike. Additionally, RTA is facing an $18 budget million cut due to lower sales tax revenue.

Learn what is being done to find a solution to RTA's budget issues. Click to watch.