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Responding to public transportation funding cuts

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese talks about current and future budget challenges RTA is facing.

As an immediate action, the RTA Board approved a two-step 25 cents fare hike. Additionally, RTA is facing an $18 budget million cut due to lower sales tax revenue.

In this interview with Lesic and Camper Vice President Steve Luttner, Calabrese discusses what is being done to find a solution to budget issues. Click to watch.

We need your vote! Immediate action required!

A designated representative of a member company of the Greater Cleveland Partnership or COSE is entitled to vote in the 2016 election of the GCP Board of Directors.

By checking the appropriate box on the ballot, you may either submit proxy instructions to vote for the entire slate of nominated candidates or submit proxy instructions to vote for individual names.

Please submit your completed ballot to the GCP offices by mail to:

Greater Cleveland Partnership
1240 Huron Road E, Suite 300
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-1717

Or return by email to or by fax to 216.621.6013 on or before Monday, August 15, 2016.

Thank you for your vote!

Download the ballot here.

How you can contribute to the region’s ongoing growth

Both the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia are in the books.

The Democratic convention made history by nominating our country’s first female candidate for president. And, after years of revitalization and careful preparation, Cleveland truly shone brightly at the Republican convention as state delegates, visitors, and media from all over the world raved about our city and the individuals and organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who made the experience possible.

In the weeks and months ahead, candidates for equally important local and state offices also will be making their case and debating the issues. And Clevelanders will vote on crucial local ballot measures affecting the business community; voters will ultimately have their say on Election Day.

Aside from voting, you can contribute to Cleveland’s growth and momentum going forward.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership Political Action Committee (GCP PAC) is an important tool in our efforts to ensure the collective voice of our members is heard in state and local government.

By contributing to the campaigns of officials who have demonstrated a desire to work with Northeast Ohio businesses for the good of the greater community, the GCP PAC helps advance policies and projects in line with the common goals of our members.

The Republican convention showcased our region with fireworks over North Coast Harbor, dining in the re-energized Flats, and the use of our new world-class facilities like the Convention Center and redesigned Public Square.

Our city’s revitalization is the result of productive partnerships and behind the scenes victories fostered through years of targeted advocacy efforts. Elected officials at the state and local levels played crucial roles in advancing much of the progress we enjoy today.

But there is much more work to be done.

To continue this unprecedented rate of revival, it is necessary that we continue to build relationships with government officials that bring about meaningful change for our members.

If you are interested in increasing the strength of our region’s voice by accelerating these developments even further, please consider making a contribution to the GCP PAC and support our efforts. Your contribution helps maximize the impact we have and ensures that elected officials understand the policy priorities that are important to our members and helps drive investment in our region.

Our visitors witnessed the power of effective partnerships firsthand a few weeks ago. The GCP PAC helps our members realize those gains and reinforce the relationships that directly impact the businesses that serve our communities so well.

Welcome, new GCP members

We’re pleased to welcome these companies and organizations that recently joined the ranks of Greater Cleveland Partnership Investors. Click the links below to learn more about them.

Jergens launching center focused on maker/manufacturing technology

Jergens Inc. will launch a new regional center focusing on the maker/manufacturing movement at 10 a.m. Tuesday, August 2. Attendees will include Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted along with many industry and local leaders.

The new Center will be branded FastForward™ to describe the company’s objective, vision and pace. It is the next step in helping to create the Manufacturing Educational Capitol in Northeast Ohio.

The objective of FastForward™ is to demonstrate the advancement in maker/manufacturing technology and its significance to the nation and economy. The opportunity this knowledge base will provide to the vocational workforce and those pursuing a career in manufacturing, and the Center’s vision will spur creativity in Manufacturing Technology to Make, Create and Grow™.

The largest machine tool company in the United States, HAAS Automation, is partnering with the FastForward™ Team by providing its newest Haas VF4 SS Vertical Machining Center to promote training and education.

In addition to Haas, Parlec is also a sponsor of FastForward™ with its state of the art measuring equipment. Jergens Workholding Solutions also will demonstrate its world class Quick Change Fixturing and Clamping technology.

In addition, the president of Castle Metals, the leading processor of advances steels and materials, will be on hand to discuss advancement in materials.

Ohio’s middle-market revenue growth expected
to outpace national rate

Ohio’s middle-market companies’ revenue over the next 12 months is expected to outpace the national average, according to the National Center for the Middle Market’s 2Q 2016 Middle-Market Indicator report (MMI) released last week.

Ohio companies responding to the survey are expecting revenue growth of 7.1 percent while the national average projected growth rate is 4.8 percent. Revenue growth over the past 12 months is slightly lower for Ohio’s middle market than the national average—6.1 percent compared to 7.2 percent.

In addition, the survey found that Ohio companies are sending a comparatively strong message about investing for growth. More than 70 percent are preparing for growth through capital investment compared to 62 percent nationally.

Higher levels of confidence in national and global economies

Ohio companies expressed a level of optimism about the health of the national and global companies with 88 percent compared to 69 percent saying they are confident or somewhat confident in the U.S. economy. Likewise, 68 percent compared to 50 percent express confidence in the global economy.
The National Center for the Middle Market, a partnership of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, SunTrust Banks, Inc., Grant Thornton LLP and Cisco Systems, is a strategic partner of the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Middle-Market Initiative.

Port work boats make city’s shoreline shine
during Republican convention

The Port of Cleveland’s tandem work boats, Flotsam and Jetsam, were hard at work making Cleveland’s harbor shine before and during the recent Republican National Convention.

With tens of thousands in town for the event, North Coast Harbor, the new Flats East Bank development, and other waterfront amenities near the convention site received heavy visitation. Flotsam and Jetsam were strategically deployed to ensure that these areas were ready for the spotlight.

The work boats, manned by a five-member seasonal crew, provided by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance's (DCA) Clean and Safe Ambassador program, operate from May through mid-October. The result is a cleaner, safer water environment for all who use the harbor and river — from pleasure boaters and rowers to lakefront businesses, tourists, and local wildlife.

Since first launching in 2012, the workboats have pulled well over one million pounds of debris from the Cuyahoga River ship channel and North Coast Harbor. Debris ranges from plastic beverage containers by the thousands to large logs and branches, to tires and even a derelict floating dock.

Originally funded with support from the U.S. E.P.A.’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the boats take their names from marine terms for different types of debris. Flotsam floats off sinking vessels or falls into the water (e.g., trees branches) and jetsam includes items thrown into the water by people.

“The Port of Cleveland committed to playing its part to make Cleveland shine during the RNC,” said Will Friedman, Port president and CEO. “Our workboats continue to keep our waters safe, clean, and attractive for the people of Cleveland and tens of thousands of visitors each year.”

Friedman also cited the Port’s Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve and efforts to stabilize Irish Town Bend from potential collapse as other aspects of a focus on clean water, the environment, and improved infrastructure.

For more information on Flotsam & Jetsam and the Port’s environmental efforts, please contact Jade Davis, the Port’s vice president of external affairs, at