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How diverse is our region?

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, has completed the analysis of the results of its 2015 Employers Survey on Diversity™.

The survey, which is completed by Commission member organizations, has provided contextual information on the status of economic diversity and inclusion efforts in our region for 14 years compiling data in four key areas: board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity.

The 2015 survey was completed by 85 Northeast Ohio employers with a total of close to 160,000 employees. The aggregate results include these findings of minority representation:
  • Board Composition: 16.2 percent
  • Senior Management: 14.5 percent
  • Workforce: 26 percent

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Other results delve into how companies and organizations are involved in making diversity and inclusion part of their overall business strategies. Findings include:
  • 86.6 percent: Percentage of CEOs who review and sign off on diversity metrics and progress
  • 81.8 percent: Percentage of employers that list diversity management goals and objectives in business and strategic plans;
  • 62.3 percent: Percentage of employers holding managers accountable for reaching diversity goals.

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For the full survey results, click to view or download.

GCP monitoring efforts to place prescription drug pricing measure on Ohio’s ballot

A California-based foundation has until July 6 to collect enough signatures to get an issue on Ohio’s November ballot, which would cap how much state agencies can spend on prescription drugs.

Operating through its affiliate group, Ohioans for Fair Drug Pricing, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation of Los Angeles is proposing a ballot issue that would require state agencies to cap their prescription drug spending at no more than the lowest price paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The initiative has already been a point of controversy in our state.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America—in partnership with several other organizations—attempted to block its path with three procedural motions filed with the Ohio Supreme Court. They believe the price cap could have unintended consequences, including increasing Department of Veterans Affairs’ prices and reducing the availability of certain drugs. The motions, however, were unsuccessful.

A nearly identical initiative is drawing similar criticism in California, where more than 60 groups in the industry have voiced their opposition. These groups argue that the complexity of the pharmaceutical landscape is not conducive to this type of regulation and that the industry model would make it virtually impossible for the measure to function as intended.

While it remains unclear whether this initiative will make the Ohio ballot in November, the Greater Cleveland Partnership will continue to analyze its potential impact on Ohio businesses and prepare to act, if necessary, on behalf of our members.

The GCP has not taken an official position on the issue but will continue to keep members informed on the progress of the Ohio initiative as it nears the end of its signature collection deadline.

For this issue to reach the November ballot, the Foundation must collect 92,000 signatures from Ohio voters between June 5 and July 6. If this deadline is not met, the measure could still be put to vote next year.

Rob Recker leaving GCP for position with Alabama chamber

Rob Recker, the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s senior vice president for middle market and corporate initiatives, is returning to his home in Alabama where he will become senior vice president, investor relations, with the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

During Rob’s five years at the GCP, he was successful at launching the organization’s first focused effort to increase its middle-market membership base.

He also helped to grow many of our major events and sponsorship connections and led our work with the United Hub and subsequent new airlines that he and the GCP’s Air Service Demand Task Force helped attract to Hopkins International Airport.

We thank Rob for all of his efforts supporting the GCP and our members and wish him the very best in his new position.

Are you an employer challenged by keeping your CNC machinist positions filled?

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), with the support of Cuyahoga County and other partners, is working to create and implement a targeted employer-driven strategy that addresses immediate workforce needs and identifies scale-up solutions.

To get started, we are convening small groups of industry-specific employers to provide us with feedback about what is needed to identify highly skilled job candidates.

We are currently collecting employer successes and challenges around the CNC machinist talent pipeline and invite you to participate with other employers to discuss trucking workforce needs on Thursday, July 14 from 8 to 10 a.m. at the GCP Offices, 1240 Huron Road East in PlayhouseSquare.

The conversation will focus on:
  • Technical and soft skills needed for the job;
  • Where you have had the most successes in locating successful candidates for CNC machinist positions;
  • The skills gap presented by the next-best set of candidates;
  • Barriers to keeping these jobs filled; and
  • What is missing that could help keep these positions filled long term.
Your feedback will help us leverage partnerships already under development to identify expanded and/or new interventions that can be immediately scaled up to build a sufficient and steady pipeline of qualified job candidates.

If you would like to participate in this conversation to help to develop workforce solutions to impact the CNC machinist pipeline, or if you have questions about the GCP’s workforce development initiatives, please contact Shana Marbury at or 216.592.2249.

Our goal is “early wins” for the business community in a longer-term workforce development agenda.

We hope you will help us build the strategy.

Port of Cleveland’s new warehouse will handle
global cargo increase

The Port of Cleveland has officially opened its new warehouse, another major step in its ongoing strategic effort to improve service and efficiency on its docks.

The new 21,000 square-foot structure is located on Dock 22 South and will increase service offerings provided via the Cleveland Europe Express (CEE), the Port’s intercontinental liner service.

“The Port of Cleveland’s new warehouse adds another strategic advantage as we continue to provide speed, efficiency, and customer service and compete with large coastal ports,” said Dave Gutheil, Port vice president, maritime and logistics.

The new warehouse also allows the Port to keep pace with the growth of the CEE, which saw a 500 percent surge in container volume last year and recently added The Lubrizol Corporation to its list of exporters.

The new facility can easily facilitate trans-load or less-than container load (LCL) cargo while also providing additional inside storage for heavy machinery or capital equipment from the CEE, explained Nick LaPointe, the Port’s director of planning and capital development. The Port also is adding plugs to enable the movement and storage of refrigerated containers inside the new warehouse.

With two massive “Port Cleveland” logos (100 feet by 40 feet) on its roof, the warehouse also will serve as a marketing and branding tool to promote the Port—just in time for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

“We hope to make an impression on all those who will visit our city or see it on their television screens, and let them know that the Port of Cleveland is open for business,” said Jade Davis, Port vice president of external affairs.

The warehouse represents over $1.6 million in investment on the Port’s docks, paid largely by a forgivable Logistics and Distribution Stimulus Loan (LDS) through the Ohio Development Services Agency.

To learn more about using the Cleveland-Europe Express or the Port’s maritime services, contact Dave Gutheil, the Port’s vice president of maritime & logistics at or 216.377.1363.