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Expanding the state’s job-creation tax credit

Topics in this “GCP Insight” interview with Greater Cleveland Partnership Senior Vice President of Advocacy Marty McGann and State Senator Matt Dolan include the expansion of the state’s job creation tax credit to include full-time, home-based employees.

They also talk about efforts under way to finalize state budget and which areas of funding will be impacted because of the budget deficit the state is facing.

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The "GCP Insight" video series features conversations about topics of interest to the Greater Cleveland business community.

An update on Ohio’s medical marijuana program

Marijuana remains classified as an illegal controlled substance under federal law, yet medical marijuana technically became legal in Ohio on September 8, 2016.

Meanwhile, the rules and regulations are being systematically rolled out and finalized by state agencies that are required by law to take all actions necessary to ensure the program is operational no later than September 2018.

At that time, there will be an established structure for Ohioans with a qualifying medical condition to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana, purchase it from a licensed dispensary, and consume it.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) did not take a formal position on the state’s medical marijuana legislation. Instead, our members sought to enhance employer rights, and the GCP worked to secure protections included in the legislation that is now law.

For example, those protections include that state employers can still establish and enforce drug testing, a drug-free workplace, and zero-tolerance drug policies.

In addition, Governor Kasich appointed a GCP/COSE board member to serve in an employer role on the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee; the role represents employers’ views and interests as public input and proceedings continue.

So, what’s on the horizon?

The Advisory Committee will meet again on June 8 to continue the rules process that will eventually govern growers, dispensaries, patients, caregivers, physicians, processors, and testing labs.

Applications for small-scale cultivator licenses will be accepted by the state from June 5 to June 16, and applications for large-scale licenses will be accepted from June 19 to June 30.

Updates on Ohio’s legalization process are available at

Help ensure elected officials hear your voice

The business community in Northeast Ohio knows the important role government advocacy can play in developing and maintaining an environment that is conducive to doing business in our region.

Perhaps none is more important than collectively pooling our financial resources together in support of the Greater Cleveland Partnership Political Action Committee (GCP PAC).

Learn more about the GCP PAC and make a contribution in support of your business interests today!

We’re focused daily on advocating on our members’ behalf. Today, with more than 8,000 members, we are well-positioned for even greater success on policy issues that matter most to those we represent.

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GCP continues push for long-term unemployment compensation reform

The Greater Cleveland Partnership is urging the Ohio General Assembly to enact unemployment compensation reform that will achieve long-term solvency of the unemployment fund by reforming the system in a way that efficiently and effectively balances the interests of both employers and employees.

Click here to read our recent letter to the legislature on this important matter.

Last year, the GCP supported a short-term solution, which resulted in saving Ohio employers millions of dollars and increased the state’s economic competitiveness.

Long-term, however, Ohio’s current unemployment system must be re-structured for it to be viable in future generations.

On behalf of our members, we continue to seek improvements that will afford unemployed Ohioans the necessary support to re-enter the workforce and provide employers the predictability needed to operate a successful business.

Welcome, new GCP members

Meet the Northeast Ohio companies that recently joined the Greater Cleveland Partnership as Investor members.

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Help CMSD eighth-graders set goals for career success

Recognizing that career readiness starts early, an innovative program—True2U—a collaboration between the Cleveland Foundation’s youth development program, My Com, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), the Greater Cleveland Partnership and Neighborhood Leadership Institute—provides CMSD eighth-graders with support to explore their purpose, identify their strengths and set goals for success.

Business professionals are invited to volunteer as True2U mentors for the program for the 2017-2018 school year. This career exploration and mentoring program focuses on raising career awareness for CMSD students on the cusp of entering high school.

Mentors will be trained on a structured curriculum and work in teams of two or three mentors with small groups of students once a month, for the duration of the school year, and will be supported by a CMSD teacher once a month.

Click here for more information about True2U.

If you have questions, or want to sign up as a mentor, please contact Angela Finding at or 216.592.2385.

Could your summer internship program connect 
to Cleveland students?

It’s well-established that internships and jobs for youth during the summer can have an immediate economic impact for a student on a tight budget and the experience can benefit both the intern and the employer for many years afterward. 

The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s own annual Cleveland Internship Summit continues to highlight how many business professionals look back to summer internships and other structured experiential learning experiences as being extremely beneficial to their careers.

There is always a need for more of these impactful opportunities, particularly for students in more distressed Cleveland neighborhoods. 

If you have an interest in learning more about how your summer internship program could potentially connect to these students this summer or in the future, please contact Shana Marbury at or 216.592.2249.

Join your peers and help build Northeast Ohio’s IT talent pipeline

Industry members of the RITE (Regional IT Engagement) Board are hosting the 2017-2018 sessions of the new RITE HR IT Roundtable.

IT recruiters, IT HR managers and IT talent acquisition staff from Hyland, Dakota Software, Eaton, OEC and other companies have formed this one-of-kind network of peers that will help drive innovations in the IT talent development system.

The inaugural Roundtable will be hosted by Hyland and held on Thursday June 15 from 8:30 to 10 a.m. at Hyland’s Building1, 28500 Clemens Road in Westlake.

Through quarterly roundtables and voluntary opportunities for engagement throughout the coming year, this powerful group will be consulted as IT talent acquisition subject matter experts.

This kind of industry engagement will enhance efforts to draw federal and state resources to the region to help solve the “IT skills gap” and strengthen RITE’s capabilities to provide a unified industry voice for the region’s IT youth development, education and workforce programs.

By joining the HR IT Roundtable, you and your company will benefit by:
  • Accelerating workforce solutions to the most challenging shortages faced by your company or your industry.
  • Discovering and sharing new practices in talent acquisition and retention.
  • Being among the first to leverage and guide existing workforce initiatives to meet your needs.
  • Positioning your company as a community leader.
Click here to learn more about RITE, the HR IT Roundtable and to register.

If you have questions, please contact Anu Yadavalli at or 440.279.3784.