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Immigration Study Reveals Impact in Cleveland

A new study on the impact of immigrants on the Great lakes economy shows a talent stream that can be tapped to grow the economy and create jobs. The report highlights that immigrants are helping to create local jobs, specifically in the healthcare sector.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership and Global Cleveland prepared a joint statement on the report.

GCP Testimony on Importance of Business Courts

Member, Keith Ashmus, testifies before Senate panel on importance of business courts 

The Ohio Senate recently introduced legislation (SB 183) that would create a Joint Committee to study business courts in Ohio.  Keith Ashmus, Partner at Frantz Ward, offered GCP proponent testimony on the legislation.  Ashmus has served as past president of the Ohio State Bar Association and also as past chair of the National Small Business Association.
The GCP is strongly in favor of creating a Joint Committee to study business courts in Ohio because our members believe in the ability of specialized courts to better create predictable case law for the business community and increase efficient rulings within Ohio that can benefit all parties.  In fact, GCP supported recent action by the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to reconstitute the commercial docket.  The docket was created as a pilot program in the late 2000s to resolve typical business disputes in a more consistent manner.  The docket was discontinued in 2015, but recent changes to Ohio Supreme Court rules provided an opportunity for reconsideration.

“Further study of the potential benefits of a business court system in Ohio is very worthwhile,” said Ashmus.  “Simply stated, a streamlined commercial court docket makes it easier to do business in our community and we believe the same could be true throughout all of Ohio.”  

The GCP applauds the introduction of SB 183 – to name a committee comprised of Ohio General Assembly members, sitting judges, the business community, and others to investigate and review realistic options going forward. 

State Capital Bill Guidance

Additional guidance has been issued from the Ohio Office of Budget and Management on the upcoming state capital bill. The [guidance] highlights information that organizations should provide and eligibility criteria they must meet in seeking funding. The Ohio House of Representatives has set a deadline of December 31, 2017 to receive projects from its members. 

The Ohio Senate will accept projects from its members until January 3, 2018. Organizations interested in seeking funding should be reaching out to their state elected leaders for additional information. The state capital bill is likely to be released in February/early March and completed shortly thereafter. GCP intends to submit a prioritized list of projects to the Administration and General Assembly by late November and is working closely with elected leaders to do so. 

Organizations interested in being considered as a part of GCP’s list should send project information to Alesha Washington, Vice President of Government Advocacy by Friday, November 3, 2017.