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More action is needed to keep Highway Trust Fund solvent

In this week's segment of the GCP Insight video series, Nick Gattozzi, the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s vice president of advocacy, discusses challenges facing the Highway Trust Fund, the depository for the federal gasoline tax used to help pay for repairs on roads, mass transit and other infrastructure projects.

In an interview with Steve Luttner, vice president of Lesic and Camper, Gattozzi explains that the fund is facing insolvency for several reasons including:

  • The tax—18.4 cents per gallon—hasn’t been raised since 1993 despite inflation.
  • Cars are more fuel efficient, requiring less gas.
  • People are driving less, also reducing the amount of gas that’s pumped.

Meanwhile, the cost of maintenance has gone up.

Click here or the image to watch the video and learn about the temporary solution to prevent a shortfall in the fund, what needs to happen to keep the fund solvent long-term, and where GCP weighs in on this issue.