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Learn more about Issue 4: How CMSD levy funds will be used

The Greater Cleveland Partnership has endorsed and is encouraging YES vote on Issue 4, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District capital levy, which supports a key goal of The Cleveland Plan: To ensure that every child in Cleveland attends a high-quality school and that every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.

The levy’s funds, which will help ensure that CMSD students are educated in an optimal learning environment, will generate about $200 million of revenue for construction and another $2.5 million annually for maintenance. The CMSD facilities plan calls for 22 new schools to be built. And Issue 4 won’t raise taxes, even with the additional ½ mill for required maintenance.

In addition to major construction, the levy would provide revenue to invest in up-to-date technology and science labs to help prepare students for college and today’s jobs, other IT improvements to help district systems run more efficiently, and schools that are close to home with modern security systems to keep our children safe. Many of the new buildings also will have space for pre-school classes.

Get involved! Support Issue 4!

Thousands of Cleveland students need up-to-date schools to prepare for jobs and college. Here's what you can do today to help get the word out about the importance of passing Issue 4.