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Public investment in arts and culture pays huge economic dividends

The Greater Cleveland Partnership is backing passage of the November 3rd ballot issue calling for the 10-year renewal (it is not a tax increase) of the current 1.5 cents tax per cigarette sold in Cuyahoga County to support arts and cultural organizations.

Our arts and cultural organizations not only improve the educational performance of our schoolchildren and our community's quality of life, they also pay substantial economic dividends including:
  • Employing nearly 9000 people
  • Generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual economic activity
  • Attracting millions of tourists and visitors to our region.
Specifically, in 2013, levy-funded organizations generated nearly $350 million in direct expenditures, including $150 million in salaries that supported thousands of jobs, and served almost 6 million residents and visitors.

Learn more about the arts and culture levy and why you should support its renewal by downloading the fact sheet.

Additional information can be found on the Arts and Culture Levy website where you can sign up for updates, volunteer information and more.