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Be informed about November 3rd ballot issues

The Greater Cleveland Partnership is providing online information for employers to share with employees about these issues that will be on the November 3rd ballot. Click the links below to learn more.
  • YES on Issue 1: The GCP is urging a YES vote on Issue 1, the Fair Districts Ohio statewide ballot issue. Currently, the districts are drawn so the vast majority of candidates have little to worry about once they win their primary.

    The result is a polarization of our General Assembly. More accountability and fairness in the process will improve governing in our state.
  • YES on Issue 2: The GCP supports Issue 2, a Monopoly and Oligopoly Limiting Amendment, which, if passed, would invalidate Issue 3, a separate amendment on the same ballot creating a monopoly or oligopoly for a federal Schedule 1 controlled substance.
  • NO on Issue 3: Following a lengthy review, the GCP concluded that the ResponsibleOhio proposal to permit marijuana use for both recreational and medical purposes could negatively impact workplaces and burden small businesses in Ohio.
Click this link or the image below to watch the video and learn more about the importance of voting NO on Issue 3.

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  • YES on Issue 8: The GCP urges voters to support Issue 8, which calls for renewal of an existing cigarette tax in Cuyahoga County that generates support for arts and culture. It is NOT a tax increase.
The public funding provided through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture serves as a vital lifeline of support at a critical time and helps organizations and artists build audiences, capacity and business models that will sustain them independently long into the future.

It’s also important to note that funding from the Arts & Culture Levy enhances educational experiences and improves educational performance throughout Cuyahoga County. Studies show that students who participate in Arts and Culture demonstrate improved math and reading skills, perform higher on standardized tests, stay in school longer, and graduate at higher rates. Did you know that:

In 2013, organizations receiving Arts & Culture Levy funds provided 1.4 million experiences for children*, including:
  • 21,411 classes and workshops*
  • 18,881 field trips*
  • 678 internships and apprenticeships*
And it’s not just young people who benefit; in 2013, more than 400,000 adults attended classes and workshops that were supported by the Arts & Culture Levy*.

Cuyahoga County voters have the opportunity to continue their support for all the people and organizations of our Arts & Culture sector by voting YES on Issue 8.

*Source:  Cuyahoga Arts and Culture 2014 Annual Report to the Community