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Our positions on November 3rd ballot issues

In this week’s “GCP Insight” interview, Greater Cleveland Partnership Senior Vice President Marty McGann of Advocacy discusses the organization’s position on four ballot issues:

YES on Issue 1, the Fair Districts Ohio statewide ballot issue. Currently, the districts are drawn so the vast majority of candidates have little to worry about once they win their primary. The result is a polarization of our General Assembly. More accountability and fairness in the process will improve governing in our state.

YES on Issue 2, which, if passed, would limit constitutional amendments proposing to grant economic monopoly rights not available to other similarly situated persons.. It also would invalidate Issue 3 that would create a monopoly or oligopoly for marijuana.

NO on Issue 3: Following a lengthy review, the GCP concluded that the ResponsibleOhio proposal to permit marijuana use for both recreational and medical purposes could negatively impact workplaces and burden small businesses in Ohio.

YES on Issue 8: The GCP urges voters to support Issue 8, which calls for renewal of an existing cigarette tax in Cuyahoga County that generates support for arts and culture. It is NOT a tax increase.

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