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Activity accelerates to legalize medical marijuana

In this week’s “GCP Insight” interview, Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) Senior Vice President of Advocacy Marty McGann discusses the acceleration of activity around efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio.

He notes that polling has found that from two-thirds to three-quarters of the Ohio public support some version of medical marijuana.

Two groups are moving forward to try to get a medical marijuana proposal on the November ballot. Meanwhile, leaders in the Ohio House of Representatives last week introduced a bill to legalize medical marijuana and create a Marijuana Control Commission.

Click to watch the video to learn more about recent developments around this issue and find out what the GCP is doing to ensure that employers’ rights are protected if medical marijuana is legalized in our state.

The ”GCP Insight” video series, hosted by Lesic and Camper Vice President Steve Luttner, focuses on topics of interest to the Greater Cleveland business community.