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GCP-opposes Cleveland-only minimum wage increase

How would your company be impacted?

On May 26, the Greater Cleveland Partnership announced firm opposition to the proposal for a Cleveland-only $15 minimum wage. The GCP Board of Directors voted to oppose the proposal at its quarterly meeting.

If enacted, an 85 percent minimum wage increase—the most aggressive wage hike in the country—would lead to the loss of businesses and send a strong signal to investors and employers who are considering expansions in our town. The combined impact could destroy Cleveland’s momentum.

While GCP does not philosophically object to raising the minimum wage, our membership has articulated grave concerns with the comparative size of Cleveland’s increase, the speedy timeline for implementation, and the focus on the city of Cleveland versus the state of Ohio as a whole.

Several other cities across the country have wage increases on the books, but those minimum wage hikes will be phased in over time and over the course of years.

The Cleveland proposal, however, would give the city the highest generally applied minimum wage in the nation in a matter of months, going into effect on January 1, 2017, and Cleveland would be the only city in the state with a separate wage from the rest of Ohioans. Ohio’s minimum wage is currently set at $8.10, and raises to Ohio’s minimum wage are tied to inflation.

Clearly, the proposal in Cleveland would put the city at a deep disadvantage when compared with state and regional neighbors.

Get involved. Speak out.

The GCP will continue to work with city leaders, civic organizations and other stakeholders to build a coalition to oppose this specific minimum wage increase. If your company would be affected by a $15 minimum wage and would like to become a more active participant in the coalition’s campaign against the proposal, the link below will provide you with the opportunity to have your unique story told.

Your input is greatly appreciated and it will assist our team’s efforts as we continue to protect the needs of our member organizations.

If you would like to be an active participant in our efforts on this issue, please share your contact information and your stories with us, and you will be contacted in the near future.