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GCP advocacy efforts continue to protect and support NASA Glenn

NASA Glenn Research Center’s recently released FY 2016 Economic Impact Study demonstrates that the importance of the center continues to grow.

NASA Glenn has an overall $1.4 billion economic impact on Northeast Ohio, an increase from the previous fiscal year. The center generates $125 million in tax revenue for the region and has created, directly and indirectly, more than 7,000 jobs in the region.

It employs more than 3,100 civil service and contract employees to advance its core missions in aviation technology, as well as innovations to advance exploration of the universe and improve life on Earth.

The annual study produced by Cleveland State University helps to illustrate NASA Glenn’s impact on the State of Ohio and serves as a critical advocacy tool to support the center in Washington D.C. and Columbus.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership maintains a leadership role in working collectively with Ohio’s federal and state elected leaders to protect NASA Glenn’s core missions and position the center to seize new opportunities that advance new technologies for space exploration and the business community.

“The road to Mars goes through NASA Glenn,” says Marty McGann, the GCP’s senior vice president of advocacy.

“We are thrilled to see the latest results of NASA Glenn’s impact study and what it means for Ohio. We look forward to a continued partnership with the center and our elected leaders that will lead to new successes and discoveries.”

Photo: A Centaur engine display with the NASA Glenn Flight Research Building in the background. Source: NASA Glenn website