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GCP reiterates position on harmful local hiring legislation

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) continues to be opposed to state legislation that would prohibit local residency hiring requirements for public construction contracts.

Separate bills – HB 180 and SB 152 – have passed their respective chambers and are now being heard in the opposite House and Senate committees.

SB 152 is scheduled for a hearing in the House State Government Committee this week. Ultimately, the House and the Senate need to agree on a single bill that can be sent to the Governor to sign into law.

The GCP, the Commission on Economic Inclusion—a program of the GCP— and the City of Cleveland were successful in keeping a local hiring provision out of legislative bills passed last year.

In mid-2015, members of the GCP and the Commission on Economic Inclusion signed a letter to oppose the legislation. They believe that HB 180 and SB 152 weaken the public-private partnership that has been in place for more than 10 years in the City of Cleveland to create greater workforce, community and economic development opportunities that lead to real civic and economic benefit for all.

Click to read the full letter.

The GCP will continue to stay in engaged on this issue.