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Commission moves forward with Decade 2 plan

The Board of Advisors of the Commission of Economic Inclusion, a program of GCP, has approved the Decade 2 plan that will guide the Commission’s work over the next 10 years. This includes a new vision and mission statement.

Vision: To make Northeast Ohio the best region in the country for the growth, attraction and inclusion of minority individuals and businesses in the economic engines that drive our competitiveness.

These assets will comprise a larger portion of the local economy and fully participate in an economically vital and broadly diverse regional marketplace.

Mission: To connect, champion, leverage and grow the region’s assets to achieve measurable demonstrated increases in minority representation in boards, senior management, workforce, and supplier diversity spend.

This includes minority talent attraction, increasing minority access to capital and building a pipeline of future business owners and executive talent through work with local partners.

Strategies: 1. Create a system and shared plan among chambers to drive corporate participation in the Commission.

2. Partner to create shared MBE development metrics and action plans that result in a critical mass of capable MBEs with capacity; increase the number and quality of corporate supplier diversity programs; and implement elements of the Community Benefits Agreement Memorandum of Understanding.

3. Establish formal relationships with premier national innovators in the area of inclusive competitiveness.

4. Implement a plan to increase the Commission’s visibility to corporations and the community.

The community is already engaged in this process with representation from our members, volunteers, minority business owners, MBE and human capital service partners, construction project owners, unions, and other subject matter experts.

Click here for a full list of Decade 2 strategies and goals.