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Holiday travel tips from United

United Airlines recommends knowing what to do to help ensure a smooth travel experience during the holidays.  Here are are few tips:

Know your departure and arrival times. Before you leave for the airport, check your flight departure time at status or on your mobile device using the United app or our mobile website at

If someone is meeting you at your destination, give a quick call, text or email to confirm the arrival time. Also, provide your flight number and remind them to check the flight’s arrival time before they head to the airport to meet you.

Carry proper documentation. Be sure you have a government-issued photo ID with you such as a driver’s license or passport. Check the Documentation Requirements page for details. Also, note that the name on the ID that you’re using for travel must exactly match the name on your reservation.

Pack smart. Before packing your bags, know exactly what you can carry on and what you can, and should, check. Planes are usually full during the holiday season and you’ll want to avoid having to check bags last minute that you intended to carry on. Also, familiarize yourself with regulation-size bags to avoid having to pay extra for oversized items.

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