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Joe Roman on WTAM

2016 RNC: It’s Cleveland or Dallas.

GCP President and CEO Joe Roman discussed next steps on WTAM’s Wills and Snyder today: “If we pitch what Cleveland can do...we can put our best foot forward and win this thing. We have the right resources and we have the right people.” Click here to listen.

Re-introducing Cleveland to America and the world

Earlier this week, Roman and Positively Cleveland President David Gilbert wrote a guest column for about bringing the 2016 RNC to Cleveland noting that:

“For Cleveland, winning the GOP convention is not just about the huge economic benefit it would bring; it is about re-introducing Cleveland to America and the world.

“...Cleveland has undergone a transformation because of smart investments, pride and lots of hard work. We want everyone to know about it.

"The other cities hoping to win the convention are banking on misperceptions and ignorance about Cleveland, some openly. At a press conference in a rival city, one of the speakers joked and said, "Cleveland. Who wants to go to Cleveland?"

“It's time to fight back when it comes to misperceptions about Cleveland. Residents who are proud to live in Cleveland and people who are proud to be from Cleveland are tired of apologizing.”

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