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How diverse is our region?

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, has completed the analysis of the results of its 2015 Employers Survey on Diversity™.

The survey, which is completed by Commission member organizations, has provided contextual information on the status of economic diversity and inclusion efforts in our region for 14 years compiling data in four key areas: board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity.

The 2015 survey was completed by 85 Northeast Ohio employers with a total of close to 160,000 employees. The aggregate results include these findings of minority representation:
  • Board Composition: 16.2 percent
  • Senior Management: 14.5 percent
  • Workforce: 26 percent

More highlights

Other results delve into how companies and organizations are involved in making diversity and inclusion part of their overall business strategies. Findings include:
  • 86.6 percent: Percentage of CEOs who review and sign off on diversity metrics and progress
  • 81.8 percent: Percentage of employers that list diversity management goals and objectives in business and strategic plans;
  • 62.3 percent: Percentage of employers holding managers accountable for reaching diversity goals.

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For the full survey results, click to view or download.