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Joe Roman on WTAM

In this month’s conversation, GCP President and CEO Joe Roman talks with “Wills and Snyder” co-host Bills Wills about ongoing efforts at the state and federal levels to ensure that funding is provided to improve and maintain water quality of Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes.

Also, the importance of investing in Cleveland neighborhoods to help attract residents and grow the the city's population. Click to listen.

Important information for employers about Workers’ Comp initiatives

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) is returning more than $1 billion to Ohio's private and public employers starting today, July 10.

More about the specifics of the rebate and eligibility is provided here.

Equally important for some employers is that the BWC—with the help and support of partners in the business community—is planning new health and safety initiatives with a $44 million investment to create safer, healthier workplaces in Ohio. Read more.