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GCP congratulates NASA Glenn on its 75th anniversary

The NASA Glenn Research Center is celebrating its 75th anniversary starting this month.

Founded in 1941 as the Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory, the facility was charged with improving the state of aircraft engines. Research on piston engines rapidly evolved to the emerging fields of jet engines and rocket propulsion. Since then, Glenn has continued to drive research, technology, and systems to advance aviation, enable exploration of the universe and improve life on Earth.

“The Greater Cleveland Partnership is proud to continue leading the advocacy efforts to maintain and build upon the viability of NASA in this region,” said GCP President and CEO Joe Roman.

“Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station, which comprise the Glenn Research Center, have added billions of dollars to our economy, attracted top talent to its workforce and continue to be a source of pride for our citizens.”

To commemorate this milestone, the center has created 75th anniversary logo featuring an image of the center’s distinctive airplane hangar, a symbolic orbital trajectory, and the message “Our Past. Our Present. Your Future.”

“Throughout our history, Glenn has been leading aerospace development for the nation and industry. Almost every aircraft and spacecraft today contains Glenn technology,” said GCP Board member and Center Director Jim Free. “The anniversary logo is a fitting image to represent our 75 years of aeronautics and space accomplishments.”

The center also will host multiple events throughout its anniversary year, including two open houses. Glenn’s Lewis Field main campus will open to the public May 21 and 22, and Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, will hold its open house June 11 and 12.

Admission is free, and space-themed souvenirs and NASA merchandise will be available for purchase. More details will be published on the center’s website in the coming months.

The center’s world-class test facilities, large wind tunnels, research aircraft and more than 100 laboratories have positioned Glenn as the premier center for aerospace testing and technology maturation.