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A volunteer’s experience: Helping visitors, taking photos, appearing on the “TODAY” show

By Paul Marnecheck
Membership Development Manager
Greater Cleveland Partnership/COSE

Read about Paul's experience from the journal he kept:

Monday, July 18: This was my first full day as the guest INTHECLE Tweeter. The day began very positive. No traffic problems coming into work. The town looked and felt amazing.

Checked in as WAYFINDER @ Noon in Tower City and was assigned E. 4th and Prospect , which turned out to be where the main entrance to the Convention Center was!

Got to see people from across U.S. all decked out in the political garb (hats, pins, buttons) including the OH delegation wearing buttons honoring former long time ORP Chair Bob Bennett. Everyone was friendly and positive.

Great atmosphere.

Through Twitter, I was able to have Destination CLE answer questions in real time. Had the great opportunity to escort a lovely Southern Belle from my station to Key Tower for a meeting with Baker Hostetler.

We walked down East Fourth to Euclid, and, since she had time, we toured the new Public Square including the new fountain. Was able to explain how everyone put politics and territory aside to come together to make Public Square and the RNC happen including Key Bank, which made a significant donation to the project. On my way back to my station, I ended up escorting anther couple to their hotel.

I also managed to make it onto the TODAY show doing a Trump impression for SNL’s Colin Jost.

In the evening, I was able to attend a dinner at TAZA on West 6th hosted by the Cleveland Lebanese-American Community for the Lebanese-American Members of Congress. It was a great opportunity for the local members of the community, some immigrants themselves, to make sure their countrymen knew the Cleveland Community.

Tuesday, July 19: I did not have a volunteer shift today. However, I did walk around over lunch. I ended up helping delegates navigate our roads and find UBER stops. I ended up walking a family to Public Square restaurant and then a reporter from FUSION to a meeting with a local law firm. I also spent some time in the @INTHECLE Twitter account answering questions posted on Twitter.

Thursday: July 21:
This was my last volunteer shift. The mood was still very positive. There was a buzz in the area.

I was able to assist delegates in checking things off their CLE Bucket list. Making sure they say all they could before leaving Cleveland. I was also able to have conversations with some of the out of town reporters. I was interviewed by Boston NPR as well as Chip Franklin and Terrell Starr.

I estimate I took 100 photos for people. The most popular place was East 4th, but a few wanted photos on Public Square.

Above photo: Paul Marnecheck (right) with Jonathan Harris, a branch manager for Portage County District Library, who created a buzz with his “Make America Read Again” campaign that included passing out books to protesters and convention attendees.