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GCP Board approves measure urging immigration reform

Cleveland, Ohio—The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Board of Directors today unanimously approved a measure that urges federal immigration reform, noting Cleveland’s rich ethnic diversity and the economic benefits that immigrants can generate for Northeast Ohio.

“The time has come for the nation to embrace and approve of focused, intelligent immigration reform,” said Joe Roman, GCP President and CEO. “Any objective review of the issue will show that there are economic benefits associated with balanced, well-designed immigration policies.”

The GCP Board voted today to support:

  • The improvement of federal procedures relating to the immigration of high-skilled workers into the U.S. This include improving visa processes, lifting per-country caps for employment-based green cards and enhancing work authorization processes for spouses of temporary, high-skilled immigrants.

  • Enabling legal entry for a broad range of workers to allow Northeast Ohio to attract and retain workers to fill jobs when no willing and able local workers are available.

  • The establishment of a balanced and workable employment verification system that streamlines the process and also ensures that penalties for abuses are reasonable and holds businesses that are not compliant or that abuse visa programs accountable.

  • Strengthening programs that offer English language and civic education classes that help immigrants successfully integrate into Northeast Ohio.

“Cleveland may be the best, most diverse melting pot in the entire nation,” Roman said. “We have a substantial foundation of people who settled here from different nations and cultures. We need to trumpet to the world that Cleveland is an accepting city, and that we welcome immigrants who are willing to work, are entrepreneurs and/or possess high skills.

“A more practical immigration policy would be mutually beneficial to Cleveland – a city with a rich and proven track record as a destination for immigrants. Cleveland offers immigrants a city that is comfortable and affordable, and – at the same time – such focused immigration policies stand to bolster our region’s economic capability and competitiveness.”


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