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Proposed EPA regulations a hindrance to region's manufacturing renaissance

Cleveland—The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) has filed formal comments with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposing its proposed regulations limiting the production of electricity within the region.

In testimony submitted on November 25, GCP President and CEO Joe Roman said the proposed EPA regulations will have a negative impact on Ohio’s manufacturers.

“Prematurely accelerating the retirement of coal-fired power plants will increase the burden on, and costs for, electric-generating industries,” said Roman. “In turn, these costs will be passed on to manufacturers, effectively increasing their cost of doing business and forcing them to pass these regulatory costs to consumers.”

“The rules proposed by the EPA also would destabilize the electric grid and result in a 12 percent increase in consumer electric rates.”

Roman also noted that, according to a study conducted by NERA Economic Consulting, Ohio, the increase of costs to consumers “are expected to result in a total of $366 billion in new expenditures.”

The GCP asks the EPA to: (1) reconsider the proposal which targets an abundant, Ohio based energy resource; (2) ensure that future proposals do not mistakenly accelerate the removal of electric-generating capacity; and (3) consider the cost-benefits of regulations that impact business, consumers, the economy and the environment.

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