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GCP opposes HB 180 and SB 152

GCP asks General Assembly to vote “no” on bills, which interfere with home rule

CLEVELAND (June 25, 2015) – The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) and the Commission on Economic Inclusion joined the City of Cleveland in opposing two bills in the Ohio legislature that would eliminate local governments’ ability to ensure that construction projects in the region benefit the local workforce.

House Bill 180 and Senate Bill 152 would prohibit local governments from requiring contractors to employ a given number of residents within a geographic area for construction or improvement projects.

In a letter to Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Ohio Senate President Keith Faber, GCP President and CEO Joe Roman said the proposed legislation threatens the successful Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) in place throughout Northeast Ohio. CBAs are important tools for regional and local governments to ensure that public expenditures result in real community gains, such as an inclusive workforce, apprentice opportunities, minority contracting and local hiring.

“GCP and its members have had a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion strategies in our region,” Roman wrote. “An inclusive workforce is critical to our bottom line. We work very closely with the City of Cleveland and other key stakeholders – including contractors and developers – to create CBAs and other workforce development initiatives that yield a high return on investment for our community but also create opportunities for a skilled and diverse workforce to have better access to economic opportunity.”

Roman said HB 180 and SB 152 have the potential to destroy the benefit to residents from local development projects. More importantly, he said, the bills would interfere with home rule – where locals make decisions on what is best for their community without intrusion from the state.

GCP and the Commission have provided testimony in opposition to the bills. Member companies and organizations have also signed a letter urging members of the General Assembly to oppose HB 180 and SB 152.


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About the Commission on Economic Inclusion

The Commission on Economic Inclusion is a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP). Its mission is "to significantly improve the level of inclusion-the meaningful involvement of minority businesses and individuals-in the economic engines that drive Northeast Ohio."