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GCP pleased with progress on NASA Glenn budget

Cleveland—The Greater Cleveland Partnership announced today that it was pleased with Congressional action recommending strong funding for areas of the budget that impact Cleveland’s NASA Glenn Research Center.

“We applaud our delegation for their tireless efforts to protect and grow NASA Glenn Research Center,” said GCP President and CEO Joe Roman. “For several years, we have had to aggressively advocate to protect and even restore NASA Glenn’s funding in the budget process.

“We’re encouraged and optimistic—thanks to the efforts of Ohio’s congressional delegation—that NASA Glenn will fare well this year. NASA Glenn employs more than 3,000 and generates a billion dollars in economic impact for Ohio, and this was obviously an important and welcome step in the budgetary process.”

NASA Glenn’s budget is largely reliant on particular programs contained within the larger overall budget for the entire NASA organization.

The budget still has a long way to go in what is a multi-step legislative process that determines NASA’s annual funding. The Administration, Senate and House make recommendations that are traditionally reconciled before the fiscal year begins.

“Ohio’s delegation clearly understands the importance of NASA Glenn and we look forward to continuing to work with them as this process unfolds,” said Roman.

“We have a unique and world-class treasure in the Glenn Research Center, and we are committed to defending the Center and its contributions to the local and state economies.”


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