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GCP BRAC and Miliatry Affairs Taskforce

GCP, BRAC and Military Affairs Taskforce focus on strategy for Northeast Ohio’s federal and defense assets

Cleveland - The Greater Cleveland Partnership hosted the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and Military Affairs Taskforce this week in Cleveland. The taskforce was created by Speaker Cliff Rosenberger of the Ohio House of Representatives earlier this year to assess the needs of the state’s federal and defense installations. Under the leadership of Representative Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek), the taskforce is charged with producing recommendations by the end of the year that will best position Ohio’s installations for future opportunities and inform federal and state policies related to Department of Defense investments and/or a future BRAC process. 

The taskforce spent the day with the U.S. Coast Guard, Ninth District; greater Cleveland businesses and organizations that work closely with federal and defense installations on research and development opportunities; the Defense Finance Accounting Services (DFAS) of Cleveland; and NASA Glenn Research Center. The key takeaway from the visit was the need for a robust regional and statewide strategy that can maximize economic development, job creation, and growth opportunities in Ohio’s aerospace and defense sectors. 

“The path to Mars goes through NASA Glenn Research Center and the many companies that partner with the center on its core missions,” says Joe Roman, President & CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. “These are assets we must leverage for the benefit of our region and the nation.”

NASA Glenn is considered a leader among its peers in aircraft design and solar electric propulsion. Northeast Ohio is also home to companies like Comsat Architects that are leading the development of the next wave of space communications that will ultimately inform how information is transmitted faster and at lower cost. A recent economic impact study highlighted NASA Glenn’s impact on the region. Combined with DFAS Cleveland, both assets have over 5,000 quality jobs and more than $2 billion in overall economic impact for the State of Ohio.