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Strategy Essentials

Based on input from Commission on Economic Inclusion Best in Class winning organizations, the components described below appear to be consistently present within organizations which display an effective strategy and measurable results.

1.  CEO Commitment (see CEO 5 X 3 Agenda and CEO Economic Inclusion Report Card)

2.  The commitment is stated in writing and visible both internally and externally

3.  Corporate human capital and supplier diversity goals are signed off on by the CEO and all C-level executives, see Merck corporate policy and approach as an example.

4.  Organization's mission or strategic plan includes a statement of supplier diversity goals

5.  The business case for your particular organization is articulated and visible both internally and externally.

6.  Metrics are selected and shared regularly with the board, senior management and employees.

7.  The program is formalized with designated accountabilities, staffing and a budget. 

Value Proposition

Diversity Doesn't Stick Without Inclusion
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Investors and Startup Founders think Tech's Diversity Problem Will Solve Itself


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CEO Commitment

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The success of diversity and inclusion in the workplace starts with management at the top of the company
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Diversity Statements

Case Studies

Defining Key Emerging Competencies of the Chief Diversity Officer

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Tools & Resources

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