Your Workspace Says a Lot about Your Company


Your workspace is more than just desks, chairs, and file cabinets. It’s the way you want your business to be perceived, by your employees as well as your customers/clients who enter the space. It’s a blueprint to maximize workflow, and allow employees to be more efficient. It’s your company’s brand aesthetic, productivity, safety and comfort all rolled into one. Your office design is an opportunity to demonstrate to the employees and customers what you stand for—your brand identity, company values, and culture.

If you are a company leader looking to define, or redefine your company’s culture, a good place to begin is to redesign your workspace. But where does one start in selecting office furniture? If you want a workspace that communicates your brand identity and company values, you have to look inside the heart of your company, before looking at your physical space. Ask yourself what is important to you as an organization. Do you value collaboration among team members? You may want to avoid cubicles in favor of more modular work stations without walls. Do you want to facilitate innovation? An open office plan promotes creativity and innovation, as well as build a sense of community because it presents more opportunity for spontaneous conversations, where innovative solutions are often born.

In addition, you must ask yourself how your employees on your team interact with one another. Do they work in pairs or in small groups? You may wish to create small breakout areas with lounge furniture where employees can get comfortable, and the ideas can flow. Are your teams static, or do they change dynamically based on the project?

These days, many companies are creating open office plans, and designing with modular pieces to create a fluid workspace that can be rearranged and repurposed as your team grows and as your needs change. Modular furniture can make a workplace more functional. Workstations that are comfortable and functional will help employees feel valued and engaged.

When it comes to comfort, choose durable pieces with solid core material and higher quality surfaces. You may be tempted to opt for inexpensive task chairs to save some cash, but investing in quality seating will make for happier employees. Standing Desks provide a sense of freedom. Employees will stay comfortable and energized for longer, and be more productive when they are comfortable in their space. When an employee sees that the employer cares about their personal comfort, this translates into positive feelings about their company as a whole. And that’s where company culture starts.

Consider enlisting the help of an expert. Through COSE’s Office Depot Savings Program you have access to a wide selection of furniture in traditional, causal and transitional, and contemporary styles, as well as other essential items such as filing and storage solutions, lighting, and seating. Workspace Interiors by Office Depot can partner with you to provide you with all the furniture items and solutions your workplace needs from one single source.  

Shawna Stacey, Business Development Manager for Workspace Interiors by Office Depot, works regularly with business owners and managers to create their new environment. In addition to furniture, Workspace Interiors by Office Depot offers space planning, design, project management and installation.  

“No matter what stage you are in with your project, you can rely on us for a range of turn-key planning and installation services,” says Shawna. “Since no two projects are exactly alike, we work closely with you right from the start, to assess your needs, establish the project parameters, and develop a plan that gives you exactly what you are looking for. We stay focused on your business, your budget and your timeline as we coordinate and trouble shoot the entire project.” 

It’s your workplace—want to make it shine?  Contact Shawna Stacey, Workspace Interiors by Office Depot, at 216.939.5044 or