GCP Political Action Committee

The Greater Cleveland Partnership Political Action Committee (GCP PAC) is a nonpartisan, member-driven endeavor committed to advancing the business community’s interests by building and reinforcing relationships and supporting candidates and current elected officials at the state and local levels of government.  

By contributing to the campaign efforts of those that will further advance the GCP's Public Policy Agenda priorities, we provide our members with a unique opportunity to advocate for an environment that encourages economic growth and prosperity. 

The GCP PAC represents a strong, unified voice for businesses of all sizes and industries in our region and aids businesses in educating key decision makers on issues that are important to them.

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GCP PAC Annual Report

There are many ways you can ensure your individual voice and the voice of the business community is heard throughout the political process.

But no tool may be more useful than having the ability to collectively pool our resources together to provide our members and the region with the means for concerted political action.

Learn how the GCP's advocacy efforts and the GCP PAC supported the interests of the Northeast Ohio business community in our 2019 GCP PAC Annual Report. Results include:

• After months of development with the GCP board and staff leaders, GCP unveiled its 2019-2020 Public Policy Agenda, presenting a comprehensive set of policy priorities on behalf of small, mid-market and large companies in Northeast Ohio.

• GCP took a lead role in preserving Ohio’s small business tax deduction on the first $250,000 in business income, allowing entrepreneurs greater ability to plan and invest in their companies and workforce.

• Our small business members advocated for provisions in the state budget requiring agencies to review and repeal regulatory restrictions over the course of the next four years.

• A GCP Board member continued to serve on the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, continually looking out for the interests of employers.

• The biennial state operating budget contained several successes in education reform, which GCP has long supported, to create an environment that will improve outcomes in our city, region, and state.

• The Governor signed the state transportation budget into law; this is important legislation to support Ohio’s public infrastructure network to ensure the long-term needs for transit, particularly in cities like Cleveland, are addressed going forward.

• GCP supported legislation to decriminalize hemp in Ohio by excluding it from the definition of marijuana that is used to enforce controlled substance laws; Ohio evolved from anti-hemp to a hemp trendsetter in a matter of months.

• Two bills are primed to become law in Ohio related to workforce development; the first, ensures the TechCred Program is administered and the other requires the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation to act as a liaison between the business community and the Department of Education or the Chancellor of Higher Education with regard to industry-recognized credentials or certificate programs.


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