Location: Corporate College East - 4400 Richmond Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128

Join us for the 2018 Cleveland Internship Summit, presented by the Greater Cleveland Partnership, on Tuesday, February 27 from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Corporate College East. 

The Summit will bring together business community representatives and educators to discuss how to increase and improve internship opportunities in Northeast Ohio through a range of panels and conversations.

Attendees will learn internship program best practices from local employers and discuss the value of internships for employers, students and educators.

Our Program

Keynote Speaker

 We are excited to announce that Swagelok’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arthur F. Anton will be joining us as the keynote at the Summit. Swagelok has made developing its next generation of workers a top priority. They are dedicated to career development and effectively offer internships, co-ops and academic affiliate programs to their employees. Arthur will share insights on how your organization can implement a successful career development and experiential learning program.

Plenary Sessions

Generational Diversity in the Workplace
Speaker: Scott Brown, Gallup

The workforce is getting more diverse every day and that now includes multiple generations in the workplace. Many employers are challenged on how to successfully manage people who may have very different expectations about work. Gallup’s Scott Brown will share valuable research about this topic and advice on how to effectively manage a multi-generational workforce.

To access the presentation from this session, please email Angela Finding HERE.

Legal Aspects of Internships
James McWeeney II, Attorney, Walter Haverfield LLP
Robin Carlin, Founder & Principal Consultant, Rustbelt HR

Back by popular demand, local attorney James McWeeney and HR consultant Robin Carlin, will share their expertise on the legal issues and implications of hiring interns.

To access the presentation from this session, please click HERE

Breakout Sessions

Workforce Preparedness: How Employers are Getting Interns and New Grads More Career Ready
Having a skilled, prepared workforce is essential to a business's success.  Many of today's employers are taking an active role in helping students and new graduates become more career-ready. Attendees will learn creative, applicable ways employers and educators are helping students hone and develop valuable workplace skills.


International Student Interns: Steps and Requirements to Hiring, and Why International Talent is Beneficial to Employers and the Community
The best candidate for your internship opportunity may not be from your region - or even your country. Adding international students to your internship roster can bring additional skills, creativity, diversity, and global perspective to your company. Learn how companies and communities are benefiting from international students and what the hiring process actually looks like.


How to Sync Our Signals: Building a Talent Pipeline Using Evidence-Based Methods
Employers are becoming increasingly focused on finding new ways for potential new hires to demonstrate their skills and talents in new, out-of-the-box ways. And this emerging competency-based approach to evaluating talent can also be applied to internship programs.

To learn more, please review the following report and case study:
1. Making Makers: Rebuilding the Manufacturing Workforce through Competencies and Credential
2. Case Study: Using Evidence to Drive Hiring and Investment

To access the presentation from this session, please click HERE


Why Employers should Consider High School Students for Their Internship Programs

Internships are not just for college students. Internships for high school students are on the rise and many employers are seeing great results from their high school interns. Learn how high school interns can provide value to your organization and how to effectively manage them.


Ask the Pros: Employers Share Their Tips and Advice on How to Create and Manage a Highly Successful Internship Program
Employers with successful internship programs will answer attendee questions and share ideas that can be applied to any organization.  



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