Business Growth Collaborative

BGC Group Dec 2018


October 2, 2020: Michael Elliot of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Benjamin Collinger of GCP's E&I division, join WVOW 95.9 FM's Our Voices Today Jumpstart Friday program to talk about the Business Growth Collaborative. >> LISTEN

Through its Equity & Inclusion division, the Greater Cleveland Partnership supports the growth and development of minority-owned businesses in the region with the goal of increasing revenue, value, size and number of employees.

The Business Growth Collaborative (BGC) brings together 11 Northeast Ohio nonprofits to build a resource ecosystem that is easy to navigate and meets the needs of diverse entrepreneurs and small business owners. The 11 partners regularly meet to determine how to collectively help clients grow and develop. Areas of assistance include but are not limited to:

  • How to establish a business (Certifications, Licensures, Legal Requirements)
  • Business plan development (One-to-One Technical Assistance, Mentoring, Education)
  • Financial education (Credit Building, Financial Management)
  • Access to capital support (Small Business Loans, Government Grants)
  • Prototype development, Market validation, and Manufacturing design/readiness
  • Peer support and networking
  • Access to government procurement and corporate contract opportunities

The BGC’s vision is to catalyze economic growth through more equitable wealth and job creation. The BGC partners believe that collaboration is necessary for creating a streamlined, coordinated system which is simple to navigate, reduces historical barriers to access, and places the needs of the entrepreneur first.

This work is generously supported by the Cleveland Foundation, KeyBank, Cuyahoga County, City of Cleveland, PNC Bank, and Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

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Participating Organizations

How the Collaborative Works

The collaborative will connect individual service delivery of multiple organizations while they maintain their independent functions, structure and identities. This will be done by:

  • Assessing each organization’s mix of services; and the geographies, industries and size of clients served.
  • Agreeing to a joint method of assessment and growth continuum classification.
  • Developing protocols for client intake and sharing of information as well as joint assessments.
  • Subscribing to a client management/contact system which is shared among the collaborative.
  • Ascribing and assigning organizations to segments of the client services based upon the fit.
  • Monitoring and holding providers accountable for service delivery and results.
  • Evaluating performance of the collaborative bi-annually

Getting Started

Businesses that are selected to participate will complete an assessment designed to identify the business' strengths and areas for potential development.

The assessment's results will serve as a starting point to determine how the resources of the collaborative best align with business needs.