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GCP Internship Central

Internship Central

We have created GCP Internship Central to be a “one-stop shop” for employers who recognize the value of internships and other out-of-school learning experiences but need help navigating the process. Through GCP Internship Central, employers are able to access information about launching and managing an internship program. We’ll also connect you with experiential learning best practices, templates and much, much more.



A division of the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, the team at ApprenticeOhio are responsible for assisting companies with starting and maintaining Registered Apprenticeship programs.

US Office of Apprenticeship Employer Resources

Explore the US Department of Labor resources for promoting and developing apprenticeships for in-demand industries like Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT and Finance. Resources include fact sheets, employer playbooks, competency models and communities of practice.

Sample Apprenticeship Standards & Work Process Schedules

Apprenticeship standards and work process schedules are essential documents in the formation of any government-registered apprenticeship program. This resource provides many samples of standards and work processes from existing apprenticeships that can serve as helpful building blocks for starting an apprenticeship program. Resources in this repository are organized by occupation and are searchable by key word.

Measure the Cost of Turnover

High turnover can be a significant expense to businesses but often goes unmeasured. Calculating the financial impact of losing and hiring workers can help quantify the potential value of investing in strategies to improve retention. For example, providing training, education opportunities and stability supports for workers has been shown to reduce turnover, saving firms money in the long term.

The Aspen Institute developed the Cost of Turnover Tool as a simple, “back of the envelope” calculator that helps businesses estimate the financial impact of turnover, including both the direct costs of hiring and training, and indirect costs like lost productivity or poorer customer service.

Credential Demand & Supply

Industry-recognized credentials allow students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for success in a specific occupation or industry. However, not all credentials are valued equally in the workforce. Access innovative new research to see if the credentials students are earning in high school are aligned with the job demands of your company.

Credential Engine

The Credential Registry is a cloud-based library that collects, maintains, and connects information on all types of credentials, from diplomas to apprenticeships and from licenses to PhDs. Use this resource to identify the credentials that your workforce needs and engage the training marketplace to develop solutions that meet those needs. Using technology and our common language, the Credential Registry captures, links, updates, and shares up-to-date information about credentials so it can be organized, centralized and compared within the Registry.