GCP Lead

The Greater Cleveland Partnership recognizes the importance of engaging our region’s future business and community leaders in work that impacts the region through the efforts of the GCP. This group will be an exclusive cohort of emerging leaders from member companies, with at least five years of professional experience, and an interest in GCP’s strategic priority areas. Members of the cohort will dive into a “GCP immersion experience” by participating in, and learning more about our current work and partnerships. Upon successful completion of the program, members are encouraged to stay engaged in the organization. GCP will work to engage them in the areas that best suit their interests and strengths. 

We are now accepting nominations of emerging leaders from Greater Cleveland Partnership member companies for the 2019 GCP LEAD Cohort 4. You may nominate one or two individuals.

To submit your nomination(s), please contact Angela Finding at afinding@gcpartnership.com.

Nomination Process & Requirements


  • At least five years of professional work experience
  • Employed by a GCP member company
  • Have an interest in the work of the GCP

Nomination Process

  • All candidates must be nominated by their organization’s CEO/president via an email to Angela Finding at afinding@gcpartnership.com stating their intent to nominate, the nominee’s name, title and contact information.
  • Once nominated, the candidate is required to complete a GCP LEAD questionnaire (for informational purposes only).

Acceptance Process

  • All nominations must be sent in by the deadline.
  • The maximum number of nominations that will be accepted is 50. Once we have reached 50, the nomination process will be closed.
  • The maximum number of nominations an organization may submit is two. 

Member Requirements

All cohort members will be required to participate in activities related to each of our strategic priority areas of Advocacy, Business Development, Commission on Economic Inclusion, Education & Workforce, Physical Development/Cleveland Development Advisors, Middle Market Initiative and COSE Small Business Initiatives, so that they may receive a well-rounded understanding of the GCP. The full menu of events and activities will be provided upon acceptance and updated on an ongoing basis. The program requirements include a mix of mandatory and elective activities.

  • Mandatory activities are spread out throughout the program year. Click HERE for additional program details. 
  • The elective requirements include attending one event/meeting for each strategic priority area until the member has participated in an activity for each of the GCP’s priority areas mentioned above.  

Time Commitment

One year of activities will provide enough exposure to get a solid understanding of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. The purpose of developing this program is to introduce and keep future leaders engaged in work that impacts the region, as well as provide a professional development opportunity.