Apr 25

GCP President and CEO Joe Roman was a guest on WTAM with host Bill Wills to talk about the recently-released GCP-commissioned tax study.

The study was done as part of the GCP strategic plan, ForwardCLE, in part because there had been the feeling that taxes were on the higher side. Instead of guessing at the numbers, GCP sought help from the national consultant Ernst & Young.

The study showed that local taxes are higher than other peer cities—about $800 per person higher than the average of those peer cities, and going up faster than those cities over the last two-to-three years as well. And, we’re also higher than the counties around us. 

As Joe explained, businesses and people are looking at tax burdens when analyzing options to build buildings or houses or lease office space. If we can’t attract businesses and individuals to our region, there are fewer people to split the cost and the burden will go up. There is a need for partners in the community to help figure out systemic approaches and fixes to this problem. This study will be used as a reinforcement to show our government what we are doing compared to other cities and to figure out ways to make sure we are competitive. 

Listen to the full interview.