Dec 10

The topic of blockchain technology, an online ledger system that may be used to distribute and better protect data going forward, was center-stage in Northeast Ohio last week at the BlockLand Solutions Conference in Cleveland.

On December 11, discussions will take place in Columbus at JobsOhio headquarters, to better understand and educate key stakeholders on how blockchain’s application could be utilized to improve government security and processes.

The State of Ohio passed blockchain legislation that was supported by the Greater Cleveland Partnership earlier this year.  The initiative allowed our state to become one of only several states to have done so in the United States.  Now, state government is interested in better understanding the potential for blockchain value creation in Ohio and is seeking to engage with interested parties.

The Department of Administrative Services Office of Information Technology, in partnership with JobsOhio, is organizing the workshop on December 11 to review the following:

  • The general state of blockchain technology and comparison of competing protocols. 
  • How can government further foster an environment to allow private sector growth of blockchain-based technologies. 
  • Blockchain value creation for government service delivery, priority use cases, and their estimated value impact for Ohio. In particular, guidance is sought on but is not limited to the following use cases:
    • Death/birth records; identity; Food safety;
    • Remittance authorization, transmission and verification;
    • Delivery of utilities (e.g., energy);
    • Occupational & business licenses;
    • Autonomous vehicle communication.

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