Dec 3

As “lame duck” session kicks into high gear in Columbus, the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) is advocating on behalf of the Northeast Ohio business community on various fronts.  Among the many initiatives being considered, before the 132nd Ohio General Assembly breaks by the end of the year, are two separate bills GCP presented proponent testimony on last week.

The first would offer a regular review of Ohio occupational licensing boards and regulations and another responds to the issue of individuals filing predatory claims against businesses for technical violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

SB 255 would require the legislature to review occupational licensing boards regarding their sunset and the non-partisan Legislative Service Commission could perform assessments of occupational licensing bills and state regulation of occupations.  Licensing in Ohio has resulted in business people spending hundreds, in some cases, thousands of dollars to earn a license to begin their career.  This can be damaging – particularly for small businesses – for entry into the market and competition.  Click here to read GCP’s testimony on SB 255.

HB 271 seeks to protect its original intent, which is to provide ADA accessible facilities.  GCP unequivocally supports the ADA’s mission and charge.  In addition, this legislation strives to prevent abuse of the ADA, particularly in instances where demand letters are sent to businesses for minor and unnoticeable violations of the act.  Click here for our full statement on HB 271. 

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