Feb 10

Alesha Washington, GCP’s Vice President of Government Advocacy, recently appeared before the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s board of directors to provide an update on the work of GCP’s GCRTA Improvement Taskforce. At the direction of GCP’s board, this taskforce came together to achieve three goals:

  1. Test the assumptions informing GCRTA’s fiscal outlook and projected shortfalls to deepen GCP’s understanding of the challenges facing the transit agency.
  2. Assess the external factors that will impact GCRTA’s financial performance, operations and service delivery design.
  3. Provide recommendations for cost savings, efficiencies, and ways to maximize revenue.

The Improvement Taskforce is comprised of nearly 20 GCP member companies and began its work in October 2018. GCP is in the process of selecting a consultant to produce a fiscal analysis and economic forecast for GCRTA. This work is a part of a broader Operational Analysis and Review GCRTA will conduct to support a new vision for the transit agency.

“Public transportation and mobility innovations are important components of GCP’s strategy and public policy agenda,” said Washington. “That sets the tone for the work that we are embarking on in partnership with RTA leadership to ensure that our transit system evolves to meet the needs of current and future riders and employers.”