Jul 9

GCP Offers Support for State Regulatory Reform Legislation

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) has been a long-time advocate for regulatory reform and continues to be a strong supporter of Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI).  
Our members see value in Senate Bill 293 (SB 293), legislation that would require state agencies to review and reduce regulatory restrictions by 30% over the course of three years.  On June 27th,GCP presented proponent testimony on the bill.  The Ohio Senate passed SB 293 the same day.   
Two GCP volunteer members serve on the CSI Small Business Advisory Council, a panel charged with helping state government achieve the right balance of regulations.  The work of CSI is critical and our members strongly recommend it continue.

Regulations can take many forms and most employers generally recognize and understand the importance of enforcing state laws with succinct rules related to unique markets, industries, and structures.  Our members’ interest in SB 293 and the logic behind GCP’s support for the bill, however, is clear: regulatory restrictions should continually be evaluated and focus on consistency and predictability – especially for small and middle-market businesses that may struggle to understand and comply with tedious, demanding mandates.

Senate President Larry Obhof joined GCP members recently to discuss how Ohio may improve the state regulatory environment for businesses.  

Watch the video on the topic.

Interns Take on CLE

My name is Grace Libava, and I am a Marketing and Events Intern at the Greater Cleveland Partnership this summer. I do a lot of writing and try to spread awareness about the great things we do at this company. I have been encouraged to write a short post about one of the latest activities I was lucky enough to experience here. Happy reading. 
What I’ve learned from my five short weeks as an intern is simple—it is so much more than just sitting at a desk. When you intern in a city like Cleveland, you need to get out there and explore, especially if you work downtown.
Cleveland is on the up and coming, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Although Lebron has moved on, (too soon?) we still love our city and the history it holds. The Greater Cleveland Partnership encourages all their interns—10 this summer to be exact, to make the most out of these 10 weeks. 

Chris Nance, director of construction diversity and inclusion, invited us to participate in a University Circle walking tour to learn more about downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. We heard about the history of University Circle from Irwin Lowenstein, (president of Re-Think Advisors Inc and CWRU’s university architect), ate lunch at the art museum, saw projects that are being completed, and toured buildings with a rich, yet unknown history. On one of our stops, we took a brief tour of Severance Hall. This beautiful building is home to the Cleveland Orchestra, internationally recognized for its musical excellence. 
When you drive through the city, it is easy to overlook its beauty. I know that may sound cheesy, but it is true. Walking around each nook and cranny gives you a more intimate understanding of the city and what it has to offer.

After the walking tour, each intern sent Chris a short excerpt of their experience. One intern noted: “Learning about the institutions, museums and over all goals for the city was really inspiring and is leading me in the direction of  exploring more of the Cleveland area, and appreciate what Cleveland has to offer for young adults with growing potential.” 

I have lived in the surrounding suburbs of Cleveland for my entire life, but never knew how much colorful history and interesting facts were within a radius of just a few miles. I am happy that Chris thought to include all the interns, and that we all decided to go! We all agreed that it was nice to get out of the office, but the day ended up being so much more than that.

Volunteer for True2U

Recognizing that career readiness starts early, an innovative program True2U—a collaboration among the Cleveland Foundation’s youth development program, MyCom, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute—provides eighth-graders with support to explore their purpose, identify their strengths and set personal goals for success.

This exploration and mentoring program links community capital to students and schools. Its objective is to begin raising career awareness for CMSD students on the cusp of entering high school. Mentors are trained on a structured curriculum and work in teams of two with small groups of  students supported by a CMSD key teacher once a month.

We invite business professionals from all industries to volunteer as mentors for the program. We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. To submit your mentor application, please click HERE.

For questions about mentoring, contact Angela Finding at afinding@gcpartnership.com or 216-592-2385.