Mar 16

Thanks to the leadership of our volunteer members, the Greater Cleveland Partnership achieved some significant public policy victories in 2018.  The strength and breadth of our organization allows GCP to provide essential tools to our members, like the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Political Action Committee (GCP PAC), helping to ensure elected officials and political candidates listen to the collective voice of all our members. 

The GCP recently unveiled the GCP PAC 2018 Annual Report, a document that summarizes the progress we’ve made to further strengthen the GCP PAC.  Last year, for instance, the GCP PAC met its annual fundraising goal for the third year in a row creating new opportunities for the business community to elevate priorities that are important to Northeast Ohio and the success of our region.

Why does it matter that our members participate in the process?  A PAC provides an organized way to pool resources and actively support those that champion our shared cause and promote an environment that’s conducive to small businesses, middle-market businesses, and large businesses and their workforce.

To learn more about how you can become involved with the GCP PAC and why it is so meaningful, click here.

Please consider making your contribution of $50, $100, $500, or $1,000 to GCP PAC today, so we can continue to lead the conversation in the development of common-sense policy and regulatory reform.