Mar 22

GCP president and CEO Joe Roman sat down for his monthly conversation with WTAM host Bill Wills to discuss a number of the partnerships and events happening around Northeast Ohio.

As an opportunity to expose local business leaders to what’s happening in other companies, GCP brought in around 60 c-suite executives to the Nestle food company Solon, part of the international Nestle company headquartered in Switzerland. Major technology advancements are happening right here in our own backyard and impacting the rest of the world, with the company creating new foods and new ways to prepare food. As Joe explained, we think metal bending when talk about Cleveland being a manufacturing town. But we are a big food manufacturing sector of the economy with Nestle and other major food corporations in the area, and GCP will continue to work with them for a long time.

GCP is also working to make sure that the city takes advantage of opportunity zones as much as it can. They have been working closely with members of government to change some of the rules in order to make it easier to invest in business and not just real estate. Twenty percent of all opportunity zones in Ohio are located in Cuyahoga County and so the city needs to create businesses and jobs in the neighborhoods that need them.

In budget news, Joe discussed Ohio’s transportation budget and the need for increased revenue to fix our roads. As a result of people wanting larger vehicles, more damage is being done to our roads. The state hasn’t raised a gas tax to fix the roads in a generation; we need to identify taxes that cause other investments to happen. If we don’t have roads to support transportation needs, Cleveland won’t attract businesses to relocate here and it won’t be safe for us to drive here.

Young people are an important asset to our region, which is why GCP is proud to be part of Ohio Excels—a group of leaders around the state striving to provide an informed business perspective to help improve and transform Ohio’s education system so that it better prepares students to meet the demands of our evolving economy.

GCP will hold its annual meeting June 10 with a focus on innovation. Attendees will hear from NASA’s Washington head James Bridenstine as the meeting’s keynote speaker.

Listen to the full interview.